Do not survive Young Thai Girl – Thai Girl People have been indicted.

Pattaya is working fast! I am a young woman – Thai girl I love the pool party at the hotel. While people were busy filming and posting, they were charged.

A social event shared a clip at a pool party in a hotel. There are two foreign tourists and two Thai people who have the same gender. And obscene by the pool as previously proposed.

Last updated 21-Aug-06 Aphichai Pramook, Pattaya City Police Officer, revealed that the person who took the clip is Mr. A (name presumed) the age of 23 years. The computer responsible for the computer input. All computer data. The obscene nature. And that information may be accessible to the public. Confinement no longer than 5 years, not higher than 100,000 baht, or both.

The petitioner has a partner known as Daniel (Resident Extension), 33 years old and has issued a summons. A Thai woman to come to the public prosecution. Indecent behavior in public If you do not see that the order will issue an order.

The Australian organizer. From the examination Check passport and work permit in Thailand (Work Permit) is legally valid. And the profession is not illegal at all.

At the moment, the staff checked the site about ad management. If found guilty, it will be prosecuted. In the section of letting go of pornography.

However, the organizers do not intend to organize pornographic activities. The cause is a tourist who behaves indecently. The organizer is not guilty of this.

Through the police. Has the operator clarified. The event is organized according to the law. In the traditions of Thailand. And to get permission.

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