Dr. Saree unfolded! Gay Bar Dumplings – Striptease I do not understand. Thammasat University Show

One Facebook user Post photos & # 39; s with Dr. Seri Vongthong and pronounce famous speakers. And former dean of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication Thammasat University often appears in the entertainment of the male group. Give away the beauty contest on stage.

In addition, the posters also wrote satirical textbook Dr. Seri that the student does not accept Thammasat photo shoot shoulder. But I'm back with those nice guys. And watch how the men undress for life.

"I do not get it." To be a participant in the sauna bar, gay men look at the cloth and almost drown. Buy the whole life. Do not get Just inspire traditions. He looks fashionable on the back of his neck and shoulders. # His mother is a very old man. # She is very receptive. " The Post states

Dr. Seree has expressed his opinion that he did not agree with the students. The photo shows the body to promote the cheerleaders of the University of Thammasat. And look at this school picture.

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