"DSI" ordered the Dhammakaya network for money laundering

DSI ordered the money laundering of Dhammakaya against money laundering "Supachai" 173 million buys land Korat Phichit Chumphon, but still retains the name of the former Klongchan cooperative transfer of natural persons.

Department of Special Investigation (DSI) -23 ส.ค. 61- DSI ordered the Dhammakaya whitewashing system to receive checks "Supachai" 173 million purchases Korat Phichit Chumphon, but also the former name. Klongchan Cooperative Cooperative – Individual To facilitate transfer. I have to send this expression to the public prosecutor on 5 September.

Pol Pol. Revealed the progress of the lawsuit with Mr. Supachai Srisupharoen, former chairman of the credit union, Klongchan Co., Ltd. against the fraudulent fraudulent people to deposit money on the Klong Chan cooperative. It is claimed that it yields a high return. And when people believe and have deposited money, there is fraud in the cooperative. The money of the cooperative is not like. In the financial sector, the bank has repeatedly laundered money laundering. In the case of the Dhammakaya temple, the sentence was closed that was sent to the public prosecutor's office. And the public prosecutor specifically ordered the accused.

This is a good business. In the financial route, Mr. Supachai fraudulently ordered the check of the cooperative and pulled money into the account of the various gods. The monks received money to buy land at the Dharma and Dhamma sites in Wat Dhammakaya's network. Land in Nakhon Ratchasima Province Phichit And Chumphon The land that was bought also found that the owner of the land. Is the name of Mr. Supachai and individual It is easy to transfer. Go to the next property. Recently, the investigating officer summarized the allegations, with a total of 3 cases and 3 priests. The compensation amounted to 173,120,000 baht. The defendants send their statements to the public prosecutor's office on Wednesday 5 September. This is the case for the monks and other monks in this group to further prosecute others.

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