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Election calendar

Election calendar – Launched for the new election commission (ECO) with Mr. Ittiporn Boonpakong, chaired.

At the first provincial executive meeting and the provincial election director The drafting of the action plan for the election of MPs and the elected Senate.

Mr. Itthiporn is the spelling of the work that the government must be strong in four issues, unity, quality, virtue and value.

Work must be based on ethical standards. Honesty, courage, not subject to prejudices, without prejudice, in particular bravery and good faith, will be a protective cover.

In addition, the Bureau of the Council Office presented a draft action plan for the takeover. And the MPs Report Inappropriate Content Save This Message According to the calendar.

If you have any questions, please contact us. The announcement on the September 13 Gazette will take effect on September 14th. To receive the MPA.

Then there will be a regulation. The government and the government will coordinate the selection date. And may announce the results of the acquisition. On January 22, 2019

The election MPs. It is expected that the election decree will be announced on January 4, 2019 and the members of parliament will be elected on February 24th.

The politicians scolded each other.

From the calendar of the CPC election held on February 24, 2019.

It means that the next six months will be the day that the whole country has waited eight years.

Since the elections of 3 July 2011, the government of & # 39; mother crab & # 39; from former Prime Minister Ysluck Shinawatra the country managed. The board has collapsed. Re-elected on February 2, 2014, but received the order to cancel.

The coup was seized on 22 May by the National Security Council (NCC). Up to the current 4 years in the fifth year.

Then there is the supernatural. The election route has been postponed several times. In the midst of criticism Authorities of the coup They tend to remain in power anyway.

One way or the other. Not yet known

Recently, during the inspection area of ​​transport, turn-of-the-boat, Bangkok metropolis, including the Cabinet meeting on the southern part of Chumphon – Ranong.

Have public praise Gen. Prayut Chan is a great hunter. Some people say they do not want to be chosen.

But there are some voices that say that. I'm not sure what to do. If you decide to vote.

Gene. Pravit, however, has said that to the media. It will be announced in September. Will he be connected to a political party?

But certainly not chosen.

I have to see the way to see the constitution.

After the announcement of the calendar of February 24, 2062, the reaction was different between the government. With political parties

In the government, That's how it is. It will also take the original road map in February 2062, as mentioned earlier.

"Do not do that again"

Also in September. The government is also planning to release a "lock-up" for political movements in some areas. Include discussion of party representatives and related agencies around the two. It will be in the month. Also

In the beginning, the prime minister will show his attitude in accordance with the election calendar of the EC, but the speech left the knot at the end. "If you do not do that again."

One side is right to point out that everything is still on the next uncertainty.

Same as Gen. Somsak Kaew Genesis, a spokesperson for the government, identified the roadmap to the 24 February 2019 election as a theoretical speech. But in the current situation. See also other factors.

I noticed politics.

Every time there is a clear election signal, both the leader and the authorization network will recite the same phrase. If the elections are peaceful.

If it is not calm, it can not be chosen.

This was the conclusion of the discussion between Mr Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister, Legal Department and the new Ministry of Trade.

It will be presented to the KSC meeting. On 28 August, the Supreme Court ruled that Article 44 "freezes" the order number KBC 53/2560 to allow political parties to carry out certain activities.

No matter how big the party is. Party Recruitment The comment divides the electorate. Action on Primera Votes Nomination of candidates for election Coordinate with members.

It will not "unlock" the election campaign.

What is an allegation that KBC 53/2560 is a major obstacle for political parties? In preparation for the elections. And the advantage is unfavorable. Between the old party and the newly created party.

Is the word The mention of prima mari The principle is that. Party entitled to send Applicants are different. The old party must have at least 4 branches, but the new party has sent it.

Today the party has 69 new parties, 117 new registered parties.

Nowadays, no party has a party branch. Because it was set. Each party must find a member. Established party branch Or a representative of the province To make an excellent marathon

But I can not find any party members. I'm not sure if this is the case. Members of more than 100 political parties have been sent to the KUU.

But it depends on what KBC will consider.

Including the movement of the three. The wiring of the former MP came to the group. To support the succession of power after the elections.

The Secretary-General said that as long as there is no release. The KBC may not be able to review the political movement at this time.

Seen from the situation and is. Bring that to the conclusion.

The election calendar of the EC was scheduled on February 24, 2562. Not really a new pin. But it is clear from the road map of the NSC and the government.

The four dates in 2019 are February 24, March 31, April 28 and the slowest is May 5.

While political parties see that. The announcement of the election calendar of the EC is considered good. To make the process clearer.

But still, some signals from the authority I still want to spend time. The reason is not certain whether the election is allowed. To regain strength. Or for some other reason it is difficult to guess.

And there is a good signal to unlock the lock. If there is no "unlock" at all.

Permanent election constituency 24 February 2062 is also a certainty. About the uncertainty

Still has to face like the "crab father" is there.

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