Farewell to Khun Clay sales of 2.7 million Thai more than 3.5 thousand witnesses closed.

The Dusit zoo celebrated its 80th anniversary. The overwhelmingly crowded 3.5 million people of the zoo have sold 2.7 million baht to ticket sales. the zoo Some fly from abroad to join the farewell. Confirmed the best service personnel until the garden door was closed. The new Klong 6 zoo, Pathum Thani, has more than doubled. Especially the new house "Jasmine Mop" is a crowd favorite with an area of ​​more than 1 rai and other animals in Dusit Zoo also return to the new place.

The last day of visit to Dusit Zoo or visit. The old zoo in Bangkok before the permanent closure. Move thousands of animals to live in zoos. Journalists reported the atmosphere on September 30 that during the day people and tourists were continuously in the Dusit Zoo. Most travel to a family. And together as a group of friends, both children and adults all have a cheerful color to come back to yesterday. And save images. In the Dusit Zoo in memory. Whether it is a zone of animals. Duck Pond Shops, souvenir shops, etc. There was once a zoo in the center of Bangkok. The happiness for people of all ages for 80 years.

In the show zone Animal shows are available for all kinds of animals, such as penguins, seals, zoos, African giraffes, elephants, zoos, zoos, including animals such as predators, lions, bear species. The interesting point is the hippopotamus zone, the 52-year-old jasmine and the red bean of 15 years old, the grandmother of Jasmine, and visitors also come to buy souvenirs at the zoo to be sure. Animals postcard Together with the Thai Post Co., Ltd. the service is used to mark the 80th anniversary of Dusit Dusit, including photography in the arch, the text "80 years old by the way" as a memorable vigil.

The visitors to visit the last day of the Dusit zoo. I like that. It is understandable that the zoo moves to a wider environment. I like to bring my children to the scene before the shut-down, like Mr. Sichon Tum Moo, 59, Dusit, Bangkok, who brought his niece, 2-year-old cousin, 8 months to visit his cousin to visit the zoo. finale To experience the first zoo in the country. And tell the story of childhood. As a child I used to have a family to bring children to this zoo. I came to my grandchildren as a final version. To maintain a good memory. For moving the zoo to canal 6, Pathum Thani, despite the fact that I do not want to move, but I have to be more animal. That said, everyone in the family. Has a connection with the zoo. I came from the grandparents to the father and the model is today the last to say goodbye to animals. I see it from a young age. It is impressive and goodbye to send all kinds of animals in the zoo. Travel to a new house with a larger area. And it will result in a good life. It is a natural source of learning with Thailand.

The reporter has also been disclosed by Mr. Sompongsawat, the staff nurse.4 Employees of Jasmine Hippopotamus, he has been a landlady for more than 25 years and has now prepared a channel from the back door forward. The mother of jasmine and red bean runs along the path to sleep in a special steel cage. Located at the front. The mother of jasmine and red bean are familiar with life in the steel cage. The health of her mother is good. We are ready to move to a new temporary house in Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Chonburi. The vet came to watch. He has been a member of the family for over 25 years, the love companies in the family such as Jasmine family. Because they live with Jasmine instead of family. Moving is a concern for travel. Because Jasmine is very old. But they insisted on staying in Mali until the new house on Channel 6 was completed. This is a new house with more than 1 rai of land on an area of ​​100 square meters.

Mr.Pitak Wong, director of Dusit Zoo The last day went open. There are people from all over the country, including Chiang Rai and Yala, but also Thai people abroad who have visited Zoit Zoo for the past two days, people visit Dusit Zoo 5 times. The past The number of tickets sold was 1 million and 6,000 baht. On September 30, 3,500 people visited the total number of tickets sold was 2.7 million baht. It is the perfect facility for people to complete perfectly. To represent animals in the joy of giving everyone. And people are also happy to go home. After the closure of the Dusit Zoo All employees must be prepared to move the animals to six zoos under the supervision of the zoo. Under the patronage of Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Chonburi Zoo Chiang Mai. Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo Songkhla Zoo Ubon Ratchathani Zoo Khon Kaen Zoo By staff Veterinarians in the zoo Wear this move. It is scheduled to be completed within 120 days, with small animals such as poultry on 2-3 October.

Dusit Zoo said that. Large animals such as hippopotamus, such as jasmine, red bean, are expected to move to Khao Kheow Zoo in December, as a new zoo near Klong 6 is next to the alpine golf course. The pure land surface of 300 rai is much broader and wider than Dusit Zoo with an area of ​​118 rai. And animals will offer a big new home. Ensure good health. I know that the authorities have explored the area. The container has been installed before. The zoo is expected to be built soon.

Later at 5.40 pm at Dusit Zoo staff. Preceded by Mr. Pitak Warmong Director of Dusit Zoo I came to the exit door 2 on the way. To say goodbye to the public. And tourists On the way back home Some people came in tears of love and devotion, and when at 6:00 pm officials announced the sound of warning people at the closing of the evening. Before the door is closed and the plate is closed. The entrance to the front door of the director of the zoo Dusit Zoo said after closing Dusit Zoo. Today is the last day of Dusit Zoo. The service from the staff is perfect. There are no glitches. In service to the public. The next day the program is ready to move animals to Zoo 6, thanks to the people who visit Dusit Zoo everywhere. After the new zoo the canal 6 was completed and the animals were temporarily housed at 6 places, part of which had to be moved to the new zoo. And there will be new animals to replace it. The new zoo area has a large area of ​​300 rai including animals in Dusit Zoo. Must also be promoted in the new zoo.

Then the reporter was unveiled by Mrs. Nantiyan Wongpiyasit, 36 years old, Chatuchak, Bangkok with 2-year-old Rose, 4-month-old daughter and a group of friends. The last group has left. Dusit Zoo Since Dusit Zoo has been permanently closed. I am planning to visit Rose often. No chance until today. And come around 5 pm to Dusit Zoo before you take the younger brother to visit the different zones like the Mali Giraffe Zone and try to absorb the atmosphere as long as possible. To send the animals to the new home. The authorities ask to return home because it is dark, fear is not safe. This zoo has been visited since his youth. Until the teenager is gone. Before you have a family Children must visit. To absorb the atmosphere of the first zoo in Thailand. Unfortunately they have to move to the suburbs, but they will take the younger brother to the new zoo.

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