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The. The. The. Rice. – At 10:30 on 20 August in Parliament. Five farmers association The Association of Thai Rice Farmers Farmers Association and Thai Farmers Association of Thai Farmers Network The Association for the Promotion of East Asian Farmers and Thai Farmers Association Led by Mr. Prasit Boonday, president of Thai Rice Farmers Association I went to Peerasak Puichit, Vice President of the National Assembly (NIA), the second. To support the draft of the Rice Act BE ….

Mr. Prasit said. There has never been a law in this way, because when the farmers came together, the claim became that. Farmers create mobs to close the streets, even though we want the government, especially the members of parliament, to have the consciousness to help the farmers. We will fight against foreigners who exploit us because we have the law as a tool to help us. To use the power to squeeze us. I will not do it again. Confirm that we agree with this law. And I want to be successful in the government today.

Mr. Peerasak said that this law would bring all parties together to bring together experience. To serve all sectors of the chain, NIA will act as a platform for all sectors to meet. To get the law by hearing all parts of the complete. This law has been adopted. One has started This law has received both positive and negative feedback. And rejected by many sectors. We need opinions from all sectors involved, including General Prayut Chunyacha, Prime Minister and Head of Ksh. It was mentioned in the science of King. I want to find it important from the start. Without neglecting the middle of the water and downstream, NIA decided to work on this piece. If done successfully, it is considered one of the NIA masterpieces. It is assumed that within that time frame. We have the chance to be successful in the time of this NIA.

Mr. Kittisak Ratanawara, NIA said that if farmers want a law to care for farmers. We will present the bill to the President of NIA today (August 20) at 1.30 pm. Started counting today. Then the president of NIA. Will that be the law. If the president is not the NIA, it will be forwarded to the cabinet. We hope that the farmers' brothers will help us hard. Let the government hear that. We need this rice law with the hope and expectation of farmers to succeed.

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