"Fat" to Thailand I'm not sure if this is the case.

Police take fat & # 39; from the Cambodian helicopter flying into the city in the middle of the night to take control of the house.

21.33 pm, 21 August, at the police station, Ramintra Road, Tharong Sub-district, Bangkhen District, Bangkok, police lieutenant-general Suchart Teerasasawat, police general, together with Pol. Nantachart Suphamongkhon, commander of the Chonburi Provincial Police Mr. Panya Yingang or Sia Fat, 39 years old, accused of killing spy and Pho-brother in Khao Cheejay Park, Chonburi on July 29. Besides Vincent Price offers Cambodia The police helicopter arrived at the airport. First to have the license plate of the black car of the Toyota car appear. A policeman and a policeman were arrested and a train from the national police station waited until he was picked up by police officers in the safe house. Policemen invited the reporters to leave the airport. And close the door And no interviews with media.

The reporter reported that on 11 August at 11:00 am at the headquarters of the police, Gen. Police Department Chachart Chaijinda will interview the intelligence master for the press conference. The details of the case clearly.

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