Fighting girl I'm going to make a shot.

Neighbor Incident Housewives argue One person The other does not. The fight ended with a .38 shot. I do not feel rushed to hit a head on the ground to another terrible one.

At 23:00, 23:00, Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Ph.D. Chonburi has been injured. The police investigated the investigation. And the rescue of Trilogy

The scene was found. Miss Chirada Daugherty 38 years old, lying in front of the house number 169/72 Moo 3, was injured shot in the coffin left ammunition by the back of the first shot to sleep disaster. Chonburi hospital

At the same time, police officers arrested the case, namely Jutamat Nanta, 26 years old, homeowner number 169/72. One .38 caliber rifle, one shot, grenades shot on another carcass 2 covered to investigate on Samet.

Asked who revealed that Miss Jirada. The victim was shot at house number 169/73 next to the house. And often arguing because they have a house next door to Miss Jutamas, who had just arrived. But it looks like the rest of the village. I do not want to lose it. But Miss Jirada I do not want to have a curse. And today it is damn good.

"Jutmatas, madam, I took a shot and threatened 1 shot, but Miss Jirada did not run away, Miss Jutamas shot across the left chest, I also ran to the head of the mortar to crack," said the witness.

First, the police have been accused of trying to kill others. And photographing in public The firearms must be checked to see if they are registered.

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