Fire-resistant against mosquitoes No more sales. Two types of toxins have been detected!

Director-General of the Ministry of Medical Sciences identified the mosquito repellent "Godzilla" on October, found that the production of Chinese substances are banned and not registered in Thailand 2 species have caused nausea and vomiting. The occupiers, manufacturers, importers and exporters who do not register and control. Confinement no more than 3 years, fine no more than 300,000 Baht, or both, while the sheriff – Public Health Mae Sot. Officials rob the Mae Sot Market – Rim Market The deadly mosquito is sold out. Order of all I have to go to the store, but the agent imports goods. Close the warehouse to escape.

The mosquito seller "GODZILLA" has an insect repellent, mosquitoes are effective immediately. Smuggling from Myanmar to the Mae Sot district. Branch is expected to contain substances that are dangerous to the body, humans and pets. Many sell in the Bangkae, Bangbon, Bangkhuntien and Bangkok. Especially the shops in Samut Sakhon with many migrant workers in Myanmar. Thai people buy mosquito repellents for 3 puppies until they die miserably when they breathe, cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness and need the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Office of Consumer Protection. I'm not sure if that is the case.

Later on August 27, Mr. Chaiyapruek Chiananarak Mae Sot District, Mae Sot District Officials on the market check Mae Sod. The people in Myanmar like to shop. There are several brands of mosquito repellents. And view the product distribution panel at Rim Market. Thai-Myanmar border The mosquito repellent is also available. But as a retailer. The staff then held everything and warned not to resell because it is harmful to the user. In addition, from the research. There is an agent on the market in Mae Sot. Sending goods When officials checked, it appeared that the warehouse looked like a bird. They leave the warehouse to escape earlier.

Dr. Somchai Preechaavejit, Deputy Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration, said he has coordinated with the Provincial Public Health Office (CMU) to monitor the area. The mosquito repellent is sold in Thailand. The use of insect repellent. Must know the precautions and dangers of mosquito sprayers. Note: do not point near the baby or patient, because regardless of the smoke as the place in the area. The air is not discharged, it is all dangerous to health. And the mosquito spray that was smuggled. More dangerous The samples must be checked for any additional substances. In case the dog died. One of the reasons is that dogs are only 2-3 days old and can be dangerous.

Deputy Secretary General said that for the dangers of substances in insect repellents. It has side effects because the allergic reaction does not breathe. Has an effect on the nervous system. Death can not be acute in humans. In the long run, however, this can be detrimental to the health of the incineration process, which can be dangerous substances, but to the penalties for users, manufacturers, importers and exporters of non-registered goods. Will be punished with a prison sentence of no more than three years, a fine of up to 3000 Baht, or both.

As Sukkanan Pimai, Director General of the Department of Medical Sciences, revealed that of the insect repellent from Myanmar. Mosquito repellents are not registered. Do not smuggle along the border. Know that the production process in China. However, such mosquito repellents have been examined since October 2560 by the Department of Medical Sciences. There is a list of prohibited dangerous substances that have not been registered. Thai 2 types: Hepa Full And it is classified as a dangerous substance type 3 when it enters the body, resulting in nausea, vomiting, convulsions and death, which is dangerous. People must be careful. Because pesticides affect other animals. So buy If you buy a product in the country. It is safer. It is clear and informative.

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