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Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 7:17 am

I do not know what to do.
For suicide

Kut Yim District, Kalasin Province crime thriller By using a 22-point gun and shooting his wife to death before she ended her life with the same gun, she shot herself dead. The reason is that jealousy is suspected of miscarriage.

On 20 August 2018, at 8.30 pm Pol.Lt. Sompong Wang Sena, Inspector General of Khao Wong District, Kalasin Province. Reportedly shot. At home 225 Moo 14, Ban San Suk, Khao Yai and Khao Wong District reported that Pol. Doctors in the Khao Wong hospital Go to the scene

The scene is a detached house with two floors. Officials found many people standing watching the event. Outside, because the door was locked. So the door to the house. And when you go inside. The staff found her fragrant odor Bambamongkol 56 years as a housewife in the hospital. Death of a funeral A shot wound on the head. Next to the chair is Amorn Bussmongkol, 56, former member of the Kutmim municipality, Khao Wong District, Kalasin province. The corpse wears a gray shirt, the shorts lie on the chair, with bullet holes that pierce the brain. Almost the same leg area found a firearm 22 point size fall.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Ying Yuen Ying said that Khun Wong, Khao Wong District, Kalasin Province, said that the question of Mr. Suthin Na Tavee is a relative death. And a village chief Moo 18 Ban Pho Thong Khon Kaen district, who was the first person to know that at 7:30 pm there were phone calls to Mr. Amorn who died but did not answer the phone. I came to the house at 8 o'clock, but it seems that the house shut the door and locked the house. When I did not answer, I went inside and saw two people. Mrs. Chan Chan Bloody sink So I called the police.

According to the relative investigation, the cause of death. It is a skill. Mr. Amornrat, the husband of Mrs. Chan. Because they both fight on a regular basis. Because of jealousy, it is possible that both have an argument before the incident and have a sharp mouth. The man decided to use his firearms to shoot his wife, but the bullet went dead. When he saw his wife die. I use firearms to shoot my wife. Shoot your mouth with sticky toes to kill deadly followers for clarity. employee Investigation It will investigate the exact cause.

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