Get a fat & # 39; cross back to Thailand to fly directly to Bangkok.

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August 21, 2018


The "thick" then !! The police are flying to collect a van from Poipet. I'm not sure what to do.

On 21 August 61 at 20:20, reporters reported that after the fat & # 39; whether Mr. Panya Ying was transferred to Poipet in the evening to Cambodia and had carried out the checkpoint documents. Cambodian immigrants completed The Cambodian delegation was sent to Cambodia by the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out the Cambodian friendship bridge. Sa Kaeo gate arch channel deep in the Kingdom of Thailand. Aranyaprathet Customs House At 12 o'clock, go straight to the helicopter field.

The reporter. A fat man was brought aboard a helicopter, one of the two ships, accompanied by a high policeman, flew directly to the national police station and it was expected to take about an hour to get the investigation. First brought to the press conference. Gene. Chatchai Chaijinda, Deputy Head of the Police, according to the schedule of the police.

Journalists have confirmed, however, that they have passed last night. After the preparation of the 12th Border Patrol Police Officer at the Hmong Stadium and the Hmph. Traffic police officers joined the junction and Khlong Luang's Deep Depot brought a steel panel and an adult policeman arrived at a hotel in the local and central media from 4.30 pm. I waited for photos & news for the border in Sa Kaeo province.

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