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& # 39; Teacher Intuition & # 39; is a shadow. After the lawyers 24 September

30 million debts of mortgage loans The fourth trial examines the "Trunk", the teacher's apologies all day long from sunrise to cold. Place your Facebook page. I'm not sure if this is the case. I do not know any shadows. I do not ask for proof in court. The clip that Uncle Jarrit accused at the confession. Kanchanaburi City has never seen a request for a session of the court 4-5 days too soon. Teacher Prapracha asked the court to order the couple to release evidence. The 24th of September is the testimony of the four witnesses.

The progress of the 30 million baht lottery at the Provincial Court of Kanchanaburi at 20.00 on 20 August, the court to bring a lawsuit against Mr. Preecha New Kaew or teacher Preech. Charoon in crime case, misappropriation of property and theft by lawyer Sutra Banmanee, the lawyer brought his wife Charoon and his wife to court before Mr. Sutra or lawyer said the court would bring a lawsuit for the 4th time. Rumors re-examined teacher intuition This will be the end of the teacher and the next testimony. Will ask for mercy from the court to schedule an interval of 4-5 days to speed up. The book has been written in between. This is a book that is considered a historic record of 30 million lotteries, no other country has such an event. The charity said in short. I'm tired of fighting like that. In my own country. It has a good morale.

At the same time teachers with intuition and sister and lawyer. Arrival of courts The teacher said. Today it would take half a day to treat the lawyer across the board. The following testimony was prepared by the court in the afternoon. If the other party wants to ask the court to keep a trial of 4-5 days, when the court order is ready. For the books I wrote, people started to order a lot. After completing the mission in court today will prepare a reservation. Expected to arrive at the end of this month. Income from the book sales will be made to the temple in Loei.

After the morning session for lunch. Mr. Sutra came out of court and told reporters. In the morning, the teachers in the morning. But have not disclosed the details. Then Mr. Siddhartha posted a message on his Facebook page, "The secretary of the foundation of the People & # 39; s Legal Aid Foundation," said, "Wise confession! I do not know what to do, I do not know shadows. not identifying who it is I do not ask for proof in the courtroom The clip that Uncle Jarrit accused at the confession November 28, 2560 Kanchanaburi was never seen or heard # Play Games Intuition # Lottery 30 Million "

Subsequently, the Court of Appeal served in the afternoon until 4.30 pm. Mr Sutra today released a disclosure inquiry. Especially when posted during the day. I can not tell you the details. Because the plaintiff has asked the court to impose more demands. Not to publish everything in court. "Today is considered useful information, have a surprise, but can not say, the post to see it to see it I am not sure if this is the case I have completed the intuition of the teacher Successfully aligned with the target. "We have a lot of people on the market," he said at the end.

Mr. Vorayuth Boonwongsai, a Preecha lawyer, said the court should request the court to add the requirement that the couple must provide evidence, including statements. To attract the people. Today is considered good. Teacher questions filled in. I'm not sure if this is the case. Confirmed that has not admitted Is it possible that the prosecutor confesses himself? This is also good encouragement and trust.

The reporter reported that Jeppesen and Chef Daredevil Lotteries in Red City Market That is a testament to the teacher of intuition. Arrive at the provincial court of Kanchanaburi to prepare for the afternoon. I have not had a chance to talk to him since the day he was born. It is expected that the research will be held in the next 24 September. The court did not consider the problem that Mr. Sutra requested the court to consider hearing the trial 4-5 days. Still the same the next day.

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