Get it! I do not know what to do. After the erotic karaoke invasion.

The authorities of Chaiyaphum investigate and can arrest and arrest the owner of a famous karaoke store. White House Building Entertainment There was a human smuggling of a 16-year-old girl who was sexually abused by a sex worker.

On August 22, 61 after the international anti-trafficking organization LIFT international (NGOs) filed a complaint and made a statement through the center. Ministry of the Interior (Wang Chaiya) that "Wannasiri" Karaoke is located along the 201 road in Muang District, Chaiyaphum. Prostitution is not the last child after 18 when it is mid-August. Department of special operations With the DSI, the Department of Special Investigation led by Mana Sima, the public prosecutor in criminal cases, and Mr. Kampon Thipsiri, director of the Research and Repression department. Chaiyaphum Police, Chaiyaphum Police Copyleft licenses red color ice. Chaiyaphum Provincial Chancellor, Jane Chernjennin, Sheriff of the Chaiyaphum Kol district. Pongpat Hold a thousand Wye Chaiyaphum and LIFT international under the direction of Mr. Rathit Prueksa Yee, Director of Investigation. I checked in. The temptation to buy and arrest the owner is Miss Kanjana Thong home number 121 / 2-3 Moo 11, Poon Thong, Muang, Chaiyaphum province also found that there are prostitutes prostitutes in the shop totaling 7 people. Is everything Thai A first study revealed that there were two 16-year-old girls, including two. The average prostitute is 1,200 baht per child, and 300% of the children are charged with prostitution. Also found that the owner of this karaoke. There is a policeman in the area of ​​Sword Name Uthai who claims to be a police zone. Muang Chaiyaphum Come and win the reward. It turned out that this time there was no license. And let us often open illegal prostitution in this area. The reward is for the care of the most important monthly tens of thousands.

A report from the Royal Thai police (police) was reported by police commissioner, region 3, along with Major General Sompoch Khamphang, Chaiyaphum provincial police commissioner, reported the results of the investigation. In this initial On 22 August 1961 the police station was transferred to the police station in the immediate vicinity of the Chaiyaphum Provincial Police. Col. Pongpatchar Hold a thousand Wye Chaiyaphum City Police, Col.Pornchai Saisila Silom Inspector Suppression Chaiyaphum Province Police and police Lieutenant Uthai Hongwisit Deputy Inspector General Muang Chaiyaphum To help the Chaiyaphum Provincial Police Section to govern indefinitely. To complete the investigation of the facts of the Chaiyaphum Provincial Police Commission.

Especially important proof that. There is a policeman. Muang Chaiyaphum Join the problem found. There is a line between the "Police Uthai" and the obeisance to the opening of this erotic smuggling of the "SEA" with the Chaiyaphum. Has been refused in the news. At 13.00 on 22 August, the past. In this case, General Somporn Khamphang, Inspector Chaiyaphum, Chaiyaphum, Superintendent Chaiyaphum, investigated that it was known that Lt. Col. Uthai Hongdee, deputy inspector of crime control Muang Chaiyaphum The police commission of Chaiyaphum has ordered a series of investigations in this case. I'm not sure what to do.

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