Global warming spoken! Little progress

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) closed its meeting in Bangkok on 9 September and agreed to discuss more technical details. The United Nations summit in Copenhagen, Poland, in December, amidst the fear that the 2015 climate agreement is about to fail. The progress was like. New technologies and carbon markets.

Released from the source in the Africa delegation. The meeting was like a new start. Since the United States, which withdraw from the Paris formal agreement in 2020, and representatives of national development groups refuse to discuss financing for the greenhouse effect. The Paris Agreement. $ 100,000 million per year As the requirements of developing countries. I want to release the source of funds. To be able to plan for the impact of the greenhouse effect. efficient National development has denied these conditions. One delegate attends a UNFCCC meeting. If the developed country is still attached to the above attitude. Paris deal can collapse.

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