Halee visited IE. Chamber of Commerce – BOI Thai investment promotion

Mr. Lint Sarasin, chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Trade of Thailand, recently announced that the president of the Japanese external trade organization (JETRO Bangkok) will meet. JETRO members are ready to invest in both old and new investors. After Japanese companies in Thailand responded to JETRO's questionnaire, 62% planned to invest more. Especially in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The food industry. electronics and mechanical The majority of the production is destined for export to ASEAN. Except Japan There are also investors from China, Taiwan and the United States that the US Chamber of Commerce will investigate the investment opportunities in the EC later this year. It is assumed that Thailand is still attractive to investors and is a regional investment hub.

Ms. Duangjai Asavin Jintir Secretary-General of the Board of Investment (BOI) revealed that BOI will host a major seminar on 24 August. In the context of the "China-China Business Forum 2018: extensive strategic partnership by the Belt and Road Initiative and the EEC" on the occasion of Mr. Wang Ying Montri of the People's Republic of China With the management of the Government of China. Took part in the 6th Joint Trade, Investment and Economic Cooperation Committee between Thailand and China and 400 Chinese businessmen traveled to study trade and investment opportunities in Thailand. And to underline the confidence of Chinese investors. It is a target investor.

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