Headmaster surprised! The bill was charged for 4 million repetition transformers.

The school is the home of the school. The electricity is a fault of the electric meter.

Reporters on the ground Baan Namnol, Cocak Lan, Ta Phraya, Sa Kaeo, to investigate the facts that have occurred. And revealed that. Information sheet Receiving electricity bills at home. Under the office of Sakaeo Secondary Education Service Area 2 in July 2018, in March 2018, The meter was 20021658005 and the electricity bill was paid in March at 334.10 baht and the next month was normal every month.

Old counter number 020001004465 The school has been canceled. On 20 June 2018 the school received the electricity bill of 4,547,902.06 baht, which was unusual. Must be forbidden for months.

Mr. Ancel reveals more than after receipt of the invoice. It has coordinated with the provincial power authority of Khok Sung, Sa Kaeo to check the electricity bill. Is there a mistake or not due to home school. Is a primary school There are not many students. The electricity bill per month is not very large. Then the electrical connection is to know that the power meter is wrong.

From the research. The school has electricity bills. Only 55 baht this month. And that is the fault of the authorities themselves.

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