Heavy scandal The police are deceiving each other. Cho cut an additional 30 officials who are involved in "hot tip & # 39 ;.

Police Region 4 Number 2 Big Ministry of Justice Interrogated by the NYPD case I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

At 13.30, on September 14, 2061, at the headquarters of Khon Kaen's police, Major General Boonluek Khong Bang Yang, the deputy chief of staff, together with the officers of the investigation, still conducted the police officers questioning. Corruption in debt management and debt consolidation Project of Loei Provincial police savings Co-operation with Major General Sutipat Charuptat Deputy Commander National Police Station Former Governor of Loei provincial police. And together they commit such violations. There are 17 cases of prosecution and prosecution of the perpetrator and 11 cases have been prosecuted and 6 arrests have been filed.

Major General Boonluek Khong Bang Yang, Deputy Head of Region 4, said research officers have done many important investigations. To link the case and to investigate the financial route and all those involved. Search the financial route and find the link to many other groups. When a girl reaches the police, it will immediately issue an arrest warrant. Initially it was determined that most of them are famous and have the opportunity to invest money in this section.

"The researchers have now called two high-level officials from the Department of Justice to acknowledge the accusations, the results of the investigation of the seven accuse the past, the two officers were high on the sidelines, and 30 policemen were involved and the names of all officials had been sent, I know it was ready, and it is in the process of investigating who is involved, and in what area will the platoon commander be punished today? "

Reporters added. The Border Patrol Police 4 and the Royal Thai Police have issued a call to those involved in the case, which have been determined to be a senior official of the Ministry of Justice. Reportedly, the two will have a meeting with the research officer in Chulalongkorn 4 (15 September).

Later, Mr. Thawatchai Thaichook, deputy permanent secretary, Ministry of Justice Post a personal page, explain that the case of 3-D news and news media reported that the accused reported and acknowledged all seven allegations, of which 6 confirmed the official level. The Ministry of Justice.

The Ministry of Justice has already investigated the facts. No official involved in the Ministry of Justice. It is in the public sector. And made a clarification at the source. News, editors, newspapers and online media To know the facts To clarify the correct information for such cases. And ask to be careful in offering the news to the public in the future.

However, as the current Ministry of Justice officials. In particular, the issue of corruption will be the order to remove the servant from his normal duties. Or leave the device. Or to stay in the office immediately. Strictly on a case-by-case basis. In accordance with the guidelines, the NSC has proposed to the government measures to prevent and suppress corruption in the bureaucracy. The cabinet has approved the case.

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