Help your grandchildren not to survive. That is where the candidate crashed. The central channel sank

September 2 Police Lieutenant Chayut Srisupha Deputy Prime Minister (investigation) Chien Yai Police Station Nakhon Si Thammarat Get a report of the jet ski crash in the middle of the canal. Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Moo 1, ChumYai, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand. Mr. Kajornkiat Rakpanichmanee Deputy Governor of Nakhon Si Thammarat The police investigators established a doctor and a diver under the German Order.

On the way to see the canal on the spot is more than 100 meters wide, people have seen a lot. The diver was so difficult to find the missing person because of the deep water level. The staff took the time to search for more than 30 minutes until the body of Mr. Sakatapongchua New Age 34 years on 331/4 Moo 1, Pak Poon, Muang, Nakhon Si Thammarat. New owner of the resort.

There is also a pink jet skiing in the middle of the channel. It was brought to the coast. At the same time, it was established that children 3 years old, that is the grandchild of Mr. Sakapong. The villagers helped to keep up. Survive it scary. Although there are family members of Mr. Sakapong. After I got to know the news, I hurried to the scene to leave Ho, crying in the midst of sadness. Folding some people with fainting. Staff need help with first aid.

The investigation said Mr. Sakapong. It is one of the famous. Province of Nakhon Si Thammarat The resort is called "New Resort" and there are boats for customers to travel in the canal. Recently prepared to apply. MPs on behalf of a political party. This prepares the team. It is also the former chairman of the Futsal Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Before the accident, Mr. Sakapong. The jet ski driver said he had to send fuel to the parked oil from the tourist boat in the middle of the canal. And brought his 3-year-old grandchildren from Mr. Sakapong. And grandchildren do not wear lifejackets. It seems that when leaving the resort, not far away. Jet Ski has been hit mainstream and sank in the middle of the canal. Mr. Sakapong Help your grandchild by keeping it over the water to support.

Then, Mr. Sakapong. Asked for help from people in the neighborhood. Before the people run to gallon. It seems that Mr. Sakapong. Sink in the water before you enter the house. And can only help her 3 years old scary. The body of Mr. Sakapong. Sinking in the bottom of the channel without leaving a trace. Even the diver searched through the body until it was found.

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