Home Remedies! Associate Dean, Faculty of Medicine Open-minded Equal staffing

Deputy dean for finance, Srinakharinwirot Hospital, to take care of the staff before it leaves the house if the house is not ready to repair …

From the case of MD.Thitin Chandee, cardiothoracic surgeon at Queen Sirikit Heart Center and Srinagarind Hospital, Khon Kaen, who lives in a doctor's house. The village of Medical Center 6 within Khon Kaen University. And thieves thief at home to steal glass surgery cardiovascular. At the same time there are social criticisms on the doctor who has deteriorated. After the illness Thitthi went home from home after the doctor. Because they may not be safe in life and property.

At 22.00 on 22 August 2018, Assoc. Prof. dr. Dr. Tharatham Rojana, Associate Dean for Finance, Procurement and Human Resources. Faculty of Medicine Srinakarin hospital said the faculty of medicine. The nursing home staff, who is a separate doctor. Including flats and dormitories, 1,500 units are divided into 350 medical homes.

The budget was for the renovation of public utilities amounting to 60 million Baht. The responsibility of all doctors. In the home of doctors everyone wants to be wide open. The delivery of the house. Firstly, it is necessary to have good maintenance before it is given to new residents. When new residents come home and see that they are not ready, such as a signing roof, electrical system, tap water, do not do it to the responsible part. To be repaired to live happily.

"In the case of Dr. Thitik, I'm not sure I've submitted the case to the medical team or not, I can not wait to see the original house, but I assure you." The medical team is staffed at all levels. The rest of the house repairs The responsibility can be informed. "

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