Honey Island Tortoise Island accepts hard arguments. I decided to leave the house and kill myself.

Honey Island Tortoise Island accepts hard arguments. I decided to go home to the killings!

On the HouseMr. Pattarapon Pattachasuk or young A 48-year-old owner of a diving company. And restaurant on Koh Tao. Carry large items Live via personal Facebook. The first shot to kill a luxury house in Makham Tia, Muang District, Surat Thani. Accentuate your friends and family. The death of the dead for the fire. Seeing the eyes of the most beloved betrayed.

Read the picture, woman was crying beside the body. Koh Tao After live live killing Dolls, dolls, balls tight!

"Honey" has been published. Crying next to the corpse At the funeral of Mr. Pattarapon who also holds red dolls. The favorite of the daughter That is very shocking. The incident on the evening of September 13, as the news already.

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On the morning of September 14, the autopsy room. Surat Thani Medical Center Forensic Medical Examination To find the bullet Proof of the trial process. Before the body of Mr. Pattarapol is sent to family members to take the body to the funeral. The home part of the scene seems to be completely closed.

Portrait of Mr. Pattarapol with wife and daughter

The information of the relatives of the deceased. Before the incident, Mr. Pattarapol and "Honey" My wife has a long feud. After the dead, go out on a big bike ride. I do not even help in the company or do not go home, there will even be two children. And more intense controversy to such a story finally.

Honey is crying for police

however "Honey" Interview woman Noon timely Channel 3 is just short. There is a severe hardness for the scene. So the house out But still do not know why the suicide. It was not easy to give details about the incident.

The police say the "honey" woman died at the funeral of her husband.

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