Hot head! Black shirt Hurting journalists Illegal back video clip

I'm not sure if this is the case. I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

From the case of Facebook user Somsak Amthong, who is part of the news channel 7, clips and text have been posted, in which teenage boys wear black shirts. The owner of a gray Honda salon ran into the viaduct. Physical attack Because of the dissatisfaction that the reporter took an autovideo at the forbidden place. The front of Thairathiwat School 1, Muang Lopburi. The young black shirt also threatened to threaten boys in class 6, 3 girls in the bus on the fearful.

2 September 61 Reporter reported that reporter channel 7 brought evidence to police inspector Lieutenant Vichai Saen. Lopburi Town Follow the black man to continue. So that you and your family are not safe. The police have called the matter.

Images and information from Facebook Somsak Amthong

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