I am a volunteer to help flood victims to play water that drowned for friends!

Students applied to 17 youth volunteers to play water in the Hanuman. After carrying out the duty to help the victims of flooding. The old city of Kabinburi, Prachin Buri, was drowned, drowned for a dead friend.

On August 26, 61, the rescue officer, Bodhidharma, Kabinburi Obtained from the villagers of the ancient community of Kabinburi. Kabin Buri, Prachin Buri said that there are military students volunteering to help flood victims. Drowned in Hanuman in the old market area. Ask the Rescue Officer to send a diving suit. Helped the missing body in the tributary of Hanuman. After the special center for flood victims Kabin Buri Rd., Municipality 1

After receipt of the notification from Mr. Wanlop Wongwong Kabinburi Burggraaf, Mr. Rangsan Bunyanen, mayor of Kabin Buri Rescue officer with diving suit Travel to the scene. The first question was whether Mr. Amarin Shinawichai, 17, was a professional student in year 2, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Technical University of Kabinburi. He is a student of the second year of military education who, together with his three friends, went to play in Hanuman and drowned in a big claw. About 10 meters from the waterfront.

Then the five assistants of the diver went to the lost body. It takes about 20 minutes to get the body of Mr. Amarin body dress pants. Do not wear clothing and shoes. It was taken out of the water to wait for the investigation. And the doctor did another autopsy for the cause of death.

Asked by Mr.Pirlree Prangsuk, 16 years old, student vocational training, year 1, maintenance technician The same institutions know it. They are all volunteers from the military training center of the Kabinburi Vocational College. Travel to the victims of flooding in the old community of Kabinburi. To help transport and facilitate flood victims. Everything from & # 39; m & n to & # 39; in the evening. Some have returned to their homes. And with Mr. Teerapat Peatrat, 16 years, professional students, 1 year, maintenance technician. And the dead has to play water in the Hanuman for a while. While his friends and deceased people swam to the shore, Amarin, who swam in the background, shouted to help. I will not drown. She and their friends went back to help. It seems that a friend died and drowned himself. I have made friends with all my strength, so shoot on swimming. Before telling the villagers that they should help. Contact the rescue unit.

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