I am fat in the city! Control of the dark. Put on a 5-point harness.

"Deputy political politics" immediately brought the "fat" to Jomtien Beach. After finishing the press conference on the Tsh. In the middle of the police Security guard on the face of the Buddha. I'm not spying on you.

At 1.10 pm on August 22, 61 in the Na Jomtien hospital, Na Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi, Pol.Gen.M. Thawat Visipradit, deputy permanent secretary, Stewart. Chonburi Suthichai said: "Sissy" 39-year-old accused under the Pattaya Provincial Court. Together they have guns and ammunition, carry firearms and ammunition in the city. Village or public road without permission With the murder of the villain Paveena Venn Muang Rak or younger spy 20 years old with Mr. Anantachai Jariot or his younger brother Phoss 21 years old died for the statue of Khao Chi Chan. After Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi on July 29 ended.

That came from the national police. Before being detained, immediately on the first floor of the meeting room, the officials prepared to draw up a plan to confess the place. Tonight And tomorrow it will be deposited at the court of Pattaya.

Mrs. Tuan Na Na Muang Rak, 41, his mother. And my father's spy. Come and see the defendant. Among the mass media waiting for news. Many police officers are fully armed. Guarded the suspect at all times.

Mrs. Wanpen Na Muangrak, 41, said she did not see each other. But only talk. I really see him coming. I would like to tell him what he did wrong, so wrong. He made a small woman. There is no way to regret it. Spyware is the heart of parents and family. He is everything from father and mother. And do not accept the request. It's been a while since I've been here. He is not a man If men do not dare to do it. This is the first time I have seen a fat man and looked at the completion of the plan.

"Now I do not know what to say with fat I found out that the words came true, one word that I would like to ask him, and the first question, I do not know what to do, I ask this." I do not know what I need to do."

In addition, journalists reported the latest atmosphere at Khao Chi Chan. What is the point to kill the cruel. Police have prepared cars that are being held are Honda CRV white registration machine 9444 Phuket, Toyota Yaris VITZ White registration 1 Law 9490 Bangkok and Toyota of INNOVA white registration 9641 Bangkok There are requests from staff nearby. Pattaya City Police Helps the security of the staff. After Jomtien The rope was put on the scene.

Around 3 pm, however, officers are brought to the attention of 5 or more points in Khao Chi Chan, Bangsaree gas station, cannon caves, rented houses and pitches. Rent a car

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