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August 19, 2011


"Deputy Commander-in-Chief", led by more than 30 people, attacked a 28-year-old drug cartel after a grieving process in a luxurious village in Wang Thonglang

at 17.30 on the 18th. August 2561 Maj. Gene. Surachet Khunpraphan, deputy commanding officer, ready to serve Major General Teerapong Wong Pitsak Police Station 4 Police Station Police Tourism Police 191 Policeman 4 Police Wang Thonglang Police. And police officers, the Crime Suppression Center for Information Technology The National Police Station (SOS) is led by more than 30 drug activists. House number 290/173 in a luxurious village. 3 Pradit Manutham Soi 3 along Ramkhamhaeng Expressway Bangkok and Canterbury were arrested and 28 people were held in the middle of Yala, Ya Ya E,

. The scene was a three-storey village house in a luxury village. There are 2 cars & # 39; s parked in the house. Cars & # 39; s Mercedes Benz CLA 250 registered 343 Bangkok. And the car Honda Jazz White model registration number 7086 Chonburi officials are distributed in the search. The inmates were able to capture 28 teenagers, 17 men and 11 women, all older than 18 years, with the middle of the first floor Yaek 11.19 grams E 30 marijuana tablets 256.23 grams. Two tablets E, 0.5 tablets K and 5 bags of equipment and a third of them were found in 67 tablets, E65 tablets, 13 tablets of placenta powder, 7 tablets of total cholesterol and E 177 289 tablets of cannabis 256.23 grams of cannabis. 11.19 grams of tarantulin powder, 13 bags of aspirin, 7 tablets of aspirin, Mr. Thiraphong or 30 year old pump to host

Maj. Gene. Surachet said that before the operation. Officials have been informed by villagers to complain to General General Surachit Khunpawan of Facebook that a group of teenagers is renting a house in the city center to hold a party. It is open all day and night during the weekend. I ordered 28 young people with the medium. In addition, a fingerprint certificate has been identified. All 10-inch palm prints and all DNA. I would like to leave this party if the police check out when. I will take the arrest. And to every village. Including corporate and safety must help ensure. The designation must be reported to the personnel

. The house is owned by the owner. From March For the price of 25,000 baht per month during the entire rental period, there is a problem with people in the village, such as the noise. Parking barriers to the house, etc., so that children often complain that many cars are parked during the holidays.

However. The police have bullied the car of parked teenagers on the spot. And is thoroughly examined in the cottage. Then take everything to go. Wang Thonglang to prosecute and to consider the accusations. The first two have been charged with drug abuse and the possession of narcotics.

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