I can not wait to see it. I am not happy with the reporters.

I can not wait to see it. I am not happy with the reporters.

I do not know what to do. Dir. Commander Supervisor 24 hours. I'm not sure what to say. Sam also continues. I have an army.

"Big T" reveals the military dignitaries and accepts it at any time. Can not be provoked. I do not know what to do. This is a lot of confusion. This is the first time I have ever seen this. Political parties do not benefit from "freezing" all warnings to abolish section 44, "Chom Maem", "big falsely", the looters do not stop "Thanathorn". the. the. Ref. comp.

"Big Tzu" to benefit privately

At 10:00 am on 24 August at the Government House. Gen Prayut Chunyacha, prime minister and head of the national peace corps (KBC), led the ceremony to reward the extraordinary exporter of the year in the year 2018, organized by the Ministry of Commerce.

Gene. Pravit told entrepreneurs. Today's economy GDP and exports are better. But some export strokes can decrease. But go higher in online trading. It has to be realized, otherwise it will be criticized for declining exports. Because it is still higher in combination. We understand that different people think. People are criticized. I see that what they say is not true. Confirm that everything is true. Because they care about the top, respectively. Everything has to be the first step. If you go wrong, it will go wrong. We have to pull the wrong pace to a new beginning that has been reversed. I asked to stop walking. Because they used this approach. With the adequacy economy there is a reason to have immunity. Spend a little

The Prime Minister said that the government was trying to adjust various laws. To be honest for all parties. People must benefit. Today there are allegations that the government has benefited privately. I do not own any company. This time much confused with chaos. They are afraid that they will influence election and democracy in the future, so the government tries to achieve fairness in every way. Let's help each other understand.

Get tired – say 4 years ago

The Prime Minister said he had to talk I am not sure if this is the case. All the proof that I have to say that many government officials must understand. Whether on the list of happy nights every Friday is considered their work. The order in the meeting was enough. He has to speed up. If the law must see. Many are attached to the original law. I see that the rules come true in this government. Which is favorable for everyone with Thailand. Is not beneficial for them.

Gene. Pravit said. We have to solve the problem. I do not think so. To solve the problem. So let's all help clarify. Otherwise it will stick to this. It will return at the time of the campaign. Everything is back to the old.

Population is democratic.

"The word populism I do not speak I look at foreign texts, he concludes that civil liberties are populist, I do not know how to do it, but it is a must – it can not influence the country's tax system in the future. And not everything gives it away Let's understand it Ask the media to the public Various politicians I'm going to say now, to distort everything that's good, it's bad, it's a lot, I'm afraid people get wrong understood and returned to the original Is not that afraid of who I am or who will not be afraid of it? If we do not understand this, the results of the election will come true, I do not care what people say I have a lot of these days, the curse is distorted, do not tell me that I am blocking democracy, but not that the country will be busy or think they have to solve each other, "said the prime minister.

Threatening to abuse media, distort media

The Prime Minister said he did his best to go to democracy. But if this does not help you. Who do you want to order? All good laws. Today many problems every day. I do not understand that the problem is everything. And they have never checked or blocked the media. But what is the distortion? Controlled mechanism already exists or too distorted until the lawsuit is over. But most people always consider. I do not want to be a problem The process against the media is wasting time.

"But today I think I should do it, it's like people curse you, you use the law to swear, he has to keep dignity, if he does not, go to him, he has the same protection. have to be careful, I do not threaten the media Now it's a new threat to the media Do not use the word around It's true This is a good thing The media are the signals Today the Prime Minister is impatient. nobody If I do not read newspapers, I would be happy, I'm not sure if this is the case, never used to create a country Very few columns, "said the prime minister.

Gene. Pravit said. I will ask people that the newspaper is the most reliable. Respond with quote The proposed one-off end of a cup is good for our export trade. Will the investment take place? It is not responsible. I do not have that from anyone. If they really use power. No damn things Never do this. Go to the top of the page What do you think? I do not get stressed because this is already the case. Let's understand it Thanks for the good media. Politicians and politicians I have to drop it for a while because it drops so much. But I'm not angry anymore.

Log out – next page

At 11.40 am Gen. Pravit with the meeting. This is a good business. It will be held on Tuesday, August 28, the release of various problems. Asked to ask Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam deputy prime minister because it gave the legal department to see how the jamming is. Next, assume that the KSC meeting is good. I can not answer all questions. This is a problem with the election.

"It's not that the law is outlawed, it's not the law, it's hoped to make a sustainable use for political reforms, but not out, then there's another problem, if you do not want to reform, it's a problem, I told them what to do, or else the next day goes back to the original Nothing happened That the government will not reform But let it not happen It's enforced The law is not a normal practice "said Gen. Pravit.

Punk Media – absent

Gene. Pravit said. List of nominees for the annual transfer of officers Is brought up Is already

Then Gen. Pravit leave the band to talk to Miss Chutima Boonyapopap, Deputy Minister of Commerce, who said earlier: why not ask some economic questions? Some do not Trade Do not ask, because a part of politics does not make things better.

Reporters are already saying good economic data. And there are economists as followers. & # 39; I do not know what to do with you, & # 39; he said in a clear voice. "I do not know what to do," he said. Can not go away Who said that?

I do not know.

Later at 18:00 in the Centara Hotel. Grand and Bangkok Convention Center Central World Pol.Maj.Gen., Presented the policy at the ceremony to grant the state enterprise of the year 2018 that today the government piles the country. Because there are so many people in this house. We have to plan 70 million people, we are on the way to democracy. The 20-year strategic plan for the future does not make everything the same again. Because there are many problems that need to be solved.

This is a good business. Not immediately Even people will insult that we go to 4.0, because today 0.4 people say that this is not useful at all. I need help with understanding. We are not allowed to enter the toxins of the country. Because the only group. The country is not going. It must be the same. Confirm that the administration of the administration. Not everything right. But more knowledge. Everyone needs to help the government. And I did not say the following year. SOE & # 39; s have to do this today because of the new government.

I do not want to be tempted.

The reporter. This policy Gen. Pravit said with a fierce temper. A loud noise that. "I was so loud, this is a normal mood, if I'm angry, it's one … With another soldier But I stay most of my thoughts, so I'm not patient with the excitement of my emotions. rigid, or is it a prime minister? What does it say or do not say, but do you know why?

Gen Prayut said the politicians. I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do. The next day it will be followed and followed by the National Strategic Committee, not by the suspect, but whether it is in the plan or not. As in the plan to do it. If outside the plan must be reasonable. Non-executive power

I have no idea.

I do not think that's a good idea. Take time to be with family. Because I wake up in the morning Who met? Woman and children are going to work They are alone. I have time to work. Let's spend some time with family. Do not find that handhold. Or dictatorial I do not eat rice with us. That is the Heart for the people.

"If I'm not like I say I can not say this, must be modest, I do not have the right to watch people all over the world Because I have no benefits I know what my situation is I want that everyone helps each other like I. Nobody knows the world knows, nobody knows, we know, "Gen. Pravit.

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