I do not know the truth or spy. & # 39; Fatty & # 39; has been transferred to more than 1 million

I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

From the case of Mr. Panya Ying or & # 39; Sue Fat & # 39; admits that the murderer was shot by Mr. Anantachai Jariram or Phos and Miss Pa Visana After Muang or Spy died in the parking lot. The opposite of the Buddhist sculpture of Khao Chi Chan, Sattahip, Chonburi, because of the frustration of love. And claim that the money was scammed up to 7 million, but the spy mother came out to say that only 1 million baht, as suggested by the news.

In the list with Mr. Thammarat. Suwan Poo Si or Joe Sporty revealed. The remittance note from the media itself came from a lawyer who was greasy to contact the lawsuit. What is also unknown has continued. I'm not sure if that is the case. Have proof of transfer. The latter is known to sue the spies family. The amount of money is 4 million more than the fat says that 7 million baht believe there is evidence.

Like Miss Ice, the cousin of Spies and Phoss and also worked at the Fat Bars, fat is a big money. Who paid for it?

Miss Ice told me that the car that Spies bought a family. I do not have any. The two cars are Honda and Chevrolet, which came out together. All the money comes from the fat. I am with spy mommy Where is the money?

Mr. Thammarat said he also noticed that. If not, send money to the family of spies. Why do you have to give up your progress? Let's see the fat. I'm stuck in the hat.

Miss Ice also said that the Facebook of the city of Varna must play two people after the death of her. Also available online. I do not know. Who are you?

Mr. Thammarat said the transfer of funds to Kasikorn Bank. The spy mother does not claim such an account. I have to go to court in addition to the entry. That's right. If there are 700,000 transfers to that account. To see it at least to be fair for parents spy. To answer that question, are there a hundred thousand? Why not tonight? In the fat that the lawyer sent, it was confirmed that two cars had to be repaired.

That's what I say. I do not know if it is true. That being said. If there is a special feeling, keeping Spies will love this girl. That reminds me that all the time. Ready to be sad? I have involved a lot of people. He has to choose the future. Choose a better way. They believe that they have the spirit to spy. I do not like spyware.

They believe I want my parents to speak the truth. Because faith The problem is money. The other people must take action.

The fossil mother to find fat in the plan. This is why I have to do this. That's why I say that. & # 39; I'm sorry & # 39;

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