"I do not know what to do." The lottery dealer may not be bought for sale.

Wednesday, August 22, 2061, 07.44

Parade to buy a car "Uncle passing."
The lottery dealer may not be bought for sale.

On 21 August, General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and head of the National Peace Corps (NCC) came to the province of Chumphon and officially met the public. Not in place or cabinet that roamed at the Ladkerkang Institute of King Mongkut Chumphon Campus on 21 August 61 in the past.

Journalists report that the lottery track is a special case than all other license plates. Genesis Prayut Chansaacha, Prime Minister, who was deployed on this mission, is the Toyota Alfaretta Black Car Registration 1888 Chumphon

On the road Gen. Prayut Chansa, Prime Minister, traveled to inspect the government and visit people at various points. With Toyota Alpharetta Black Register 1888 Chumphon, most villagers are waiting for the Prime Minister's car to be monitored. To take the number of car plates to buy a lottery ticket. As a result, the number associated with car registration, the premier sat was sold to the panel.

Mrs. Nantakorn Nuntaka, a resident of Bang Sai Sub District, said that the prime minister's convoy was flowing through the streets of his house, which many villagers were watching. The registration number of the Otter minister was 1888 and was brought to buy lotteries. It seems that the purchase was not because the number was increased to buy quickly. Contact your friends in the provinces now to help you buy. I still can not find it.

Mrs. Sansawan is more diligent in selling lots or lotteries. In the area of ​​Pathiu. These are very good sales lotteries, especially the number 888 188, 18, the badge that the prime minister had always been in the Chumphon area, where about 1888 numbers are all sold out. And when the songs are sold out, but the villagers who are customers, also want to buy three numbers, a number that consists of three digits. There are many lotteries that correspond to the number of more than a thousand cars from the premier that is now also sold out.

The reporter. For car license plates that the Prime Minister was always inspecting at the Cabinet meeting in this time, lottery traders have closed sales because many villagers buy a lot. The dealer is afraid that if the number is up, there will be no money to pay and the problem will be resolved.

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