I do not know what to say.

If you do not want to be part of this group, I love the & # 39; grumpy & # 39; cousin.

On August 20, the Royal Thai Air Force suppressed former Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Ubonkwan. Have come to the repression division. Encourage Mr. Ashwin to look after his cousin who recognized the accusations. The interviewer said. Let's cheer up grandchildren. I do not want to criticize politics. Because the government has not unlocked. But confirm that. If the elections are guaranteed, the party will win the elections overwhelmingly. The people who will be the party leader. It is Khunying Sudarat or someone who depends on the party members to choose. But the media to the news. The people who will lead the party. Not their own course If you ask someone who is suitable, do not answer. Ask a secret first.

Lower Chalerm said that the case of Sammitr. The media presented the news to thousands of delegates. We will go to the place where they will say to Kalasin, 4 hours back to tell us that the representatives of 5 people have really signed up. No representative. He is full I think it's a feast to win the Thai. But do not say everything. This is better I am convinced that 250 sounds. For the movement of the trio. I think that is not a disadvantage. But they look more absurd. I have been playing politics for a long time. I'm not sure what to say,

"Do not say we do not give a price, but tell me that was lost." If the three parties are not party to believe the party to win, I am the center of the party's election director, I do not know what I It's time to talk I have to tell the media to tell the world that the animal society is based on Karma What are you doing It is a disaster I have information But I was quiet because I was afraid was he got caught, I do not want to go to jail, I'm going to say I'm down, I'm down and I'm going to live. "I do not know what to do," she said, and soon there was a police unit who called for their release and then took their responsibility.The party won the Thai victory, Group Three defeated.

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