I do not know why.

Final Drama Agency I love the flow of the "Bam", the hero who exposed the money to poor people. I am a government official. Khon Kaen province, after "Deputy Prime Minister Vishnu" to find a way to pack it. It is a standard for recruiting people who are beneficial and famous as government officials. I do not have to be unpleasant or not to step into the work of the BMA under the previous agreement for the claim of "Big Tzu" to follow the steps and the rules must be submitted to the first. Do not send a call or call someone.

In the case of Miss Pidaida or Bam Yot Wit, former student of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Community Development Mahasarakham University To expose corruption, well-being and dependent people. Interviewed media report that an adult from the Department of Social Development and Human Security (MN) does not fulfill the promise that graduates will be admitted to work. By the way Gen Prayut Chunyacha, Prime Minister in the Government House on 17 April. There are many critiques.

In the government house on August 31, Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister It is not that I do not have time to do it. Community Development Faculty of Humanities Now, in Khon Kaen and studying online at Rangsit University by the capital of Rangsit, enough to ask if he is interested in the service or not. He said that interested. I have worked in Khon Kaen before, Krung Thai Bank has contacted me to work. But let's face it, it's not that simple, so let's talk to the staff of the office of the anti-corruption committee in the government. Because at the office of Khon Kaen. And Mrs Panida welcomed.

"The discussion at the meeting of the Civil Service Commission (February) found a channel that can be done legally – in the case of a person is the official requirement – and it has a very good thing besides that we include athletes who have a name made for the country, they can do this at the office of the police.This is the case with Miss Pidaida.In the past it was done 1. Must have a free rate 2. It is a requirement of the government and 3 The person must be a good person and has a reputation that deserves special support, so it is not biased or discriminatory.This is one of the criteria for looking for one or another person to work in, "said Mr Wissanu.

When asked if Ms Panida does not have to take the first exam or not. Mr. Wissanu said he had to take another exam. Do not mess with quotas & # 39; s or anything else. If the Department of Social Development and Human Security (MN) is still working, we should wait for vacancy as usual if we ask that the PO is currently vacant. The research? Mr Wissanu said that they have called the secretary. I found it. The implementation process does not take long. I'm not sure if this is the case. Confirm that it is not biased. Is the norm

I do not know if this is the case. This is a series. People recruit people for the service. Set for several decades. Mr. Thiraidh Casting Lertrut is the chairman. Mr. Theerayuth considered to consider. The procedure to guide Miss Pidaida through the exam and interview process. Just do it alone You do not have to race with ten thousand people. And it is full. Khon Kaen immediately, "said Mr Wissanu.

On the question of whether the past has a comparison with the policeman. The dead wait for the test. But only the group. Said Mr Wissanu. We have many, many criteria. Maybe only the exam. But everything has its rules. I have not been able to find a new person for a long time and the government has many people like this. We do not use it. Not to contain the padlock. Lines for communication I do not know whether it is right or not. And to think where he can place him for a ministry because of the safety of the subject.

At the same time, it is not a good idea to make a mistake, "he said Miss Panida is supposed to have the courage to come out and reveal the unlikely – a good man to be praised and Miss Pidaida has the burden to take care of the family The government and the government should not be left, because what MP Pidida has done is more favorable for the country On the question of how to enter the office It's a good thing There are some people who Can not get it Korniphip said the competition is normal.

When asked, repeated. Why do not you follow the normal procedure? Then help later. This is a good business. There are two ways to do this: some people see that people like Panida are going to work. Be careful and price But another opinion that should go through the exam system. Otherwise there will be two standards, so there are two ways to choose how. But we see that there is a way to do it. I did it. And this came to the office of the NCA that was deemed suitable. I do not know what to do.

The reporter was informed by Ms Panida Yotthep, after receiving the good news for assignment in the Anti-Corruption Office in the government zone 4, Khon Kaen (district Pakkret 4, Khon Kaen). This is coordinated by General News On Monday 3 September to submit documents. To express the intention to enter the office of the office of the region 4, located in the Khon Kaen municipality. Now I have prepared important documents. To be submitted in order in the primary school district 4. And after the submission it still works earlier. I do not know how to do it.

Thong Suklongpol, acting plenipotentiary member, Pol.Lt.4, told reporters that Ms. Panida was coordinated by It is so simple. I am going to submit an important document that I want to work in the CPN agency has nothing to complain about. I will work in that position if Miss Pida da deposits papers. I do not know what to do.

On the same day, Gen. Anantaporn Kanchanarat, Minister of Social Development and Human Security (MNP) Because corruption occurs, people with disabilities and people with less income Do not be silent. We are trying to contact you. But the first phase of the Commission's office against corruption in the public sector (PT) did not let us talk to Bam. Fear that this can cause inaccurate information. Then, silently, until one of the studies began to become more transparent. Gen Prayut Chun-ocha, Prime Minister, gave the ceremony in honor of the transfer of the Bam and the Prime Minister to meet Bam for the first time.

Gene. Anantaporn said that the day he spoke to Bam. The Prime Minister assigned her to take care of Mrs Praiwanon One, deputy permanent secretary as head coordinator and take care of this. Then they both had a telephone and a line. I do not know when to graduate. And do not indicate that you want to work 100%. Just tell them you want to work. But comes to work. If you do not take the exam, you must take the exam in the Civil Service Commission (CSC). It must be agreed with the school before it is the same. I have to work. It must be discussed with the previous school because of the regulations.
Each department has no access to it. Must have a step

"Think you should show your intentions with the application, not with the line or call to find someone, parts open or not open, I can wait, then the office determines which function corresponds to the student's qualification. the shortcut to the right to Feb. If you agree, if you do not agree with me, I have to test, this is not a misunderstanding, but it is a must, only people who expect to be packaged. I have a good reward, the announcement of the honorary shield can be done, but the official packaging It is clear that there is a moral system to draw everyone in. Except for special cases like a case to case, "said Gen. Anantaporn.

The social development authority said that filling in government officials should also be speedy. At Khon Kaen Independent Rescue Center full rate now. The center has only 2 officials. And then the government employees and employees. If it is anywhere else, it will be. I have no conditions or need to raise the rate of zero Khon Kaen. These things as calm. Many government agencies want to work. I need it. But the government bureaucracy. Very low rate. It is not enough to have 1.2 thousand people in ministry. There are only 8,000 civil servants, government employees and employees. The target is 40-50 million people in the country. The government discusses the restructuring with the Prime Minister of Thailand. But it is official.

"It's a good thing to do that," he said. From month This month I have to say that the Prime Minister has called for that to work at the police and I have confirmed that I will work in the PS.

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