"I do not think so." Complex politics

"Ekachai – Thanathorn" backwards. Attacked – murder emphasizing the complexity of politics requires a deep look. During the meeting Won did not want to hold the auction. The lawyer must pay the lawyer to comply with the law. Please take care of other areas that do …

On August 23, 61 at the headquarters of the army. Gene. Chalermchai Sittatham, leader of the DDP, said. Relax the political lock. If there is a meeting The next is expected to be discussed. And to relax. What can I do? To give an overview of the situation.

When asked if there was a physical attack, mr. Ekachai Hongkangwan and Mr. Thanathorn Jungrungruangkit New future party leader Come out, I was shot. How do they make sure? Gen Chalermchai said that you see the Ekachai case. Physical attack I have to report to the prosecutor. In your part, Thanakorn is not yet certain. Probably the prosecution will be carried out. Understanding politics is more complicated than we see it. To look deeper, if anything comes to mind, the law must be legal.

Gen Chalermchai also approached the request from the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship (UDD) not to auction their property. To pay a fee And lawyer fees for the military. By the Supreme Court After losing the lawsuit against the army lost. In case the rally collapsed in 2010, they were shot in the arms until they were eliminated. See previous details The information is not known. But what is legal is that it goes to the law. Everything that we can ensure to make a good impression, ensures.

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