I do not want to use 3 types of toxic substances.

Biomass Foundation and Pesticide Warning Network First published by the Dangerous Goods Council The Thailand case also imports dangerous poisons, paracetamol, chlorpyrifos and glyphosate, although the American court ordered the use of toxic substances. And the company paid tens of billions of baht to the affected people.

Mr.Vitoon Liemjamruan, director of BioThai Foundation and Ms.Prapol Chonwutsu, Pesticide Warning Network Coordinator or Thai PAN, jointly held a press conference to announce the report of the "Subcommittee on the control of hazardous substances" Watsons Chlorophyll and glyphosate, "That is the source of the resolution The ban on all three types of high risk poisoning on May 23. Weed Parachute Weed Abroad 51 countries have been canceled and China and Brazil will cancel within the next 2 years because of the high acute toxicity. And Parkinson.

The chlor-alkali Pine River Foss. A toxic substance that affects the development of the brains of children and babies. This insecticide is a US court. I just settled on August 9th. The US Environmental Agency or the EPA cancels the use within 60 days., Fiftieth, the International Institute of Cancer (IARC) or the World Health Organization The announcement was made that the substance is likely to cause cancer, and the US court has just convicted Monsanto. To pay the affected people compensation. However, the Subcommittee on the control of hazardous substances report indicates that all three substances do not entail a risk of consumption. And no better alternative.

Mr. Vitoon said he did not agree with the summary. It is not consistent with the research report on the impact on people and the environment. It also looks at the committees involved. There must be no conflicting interests. transparent People can participate in the study. Meanwhile, Biomedical Foundation Consumer Foundation and the Environmental Law Foundation. Legal case against the Dangerous Substances Committee To withdraw the resolution.

As with the coordinator for the warning of pesticides, the process of drawing up this report is unacceptable. It is noted that. The committee deliberately chose the information to support the use of toxic substances. The results of the use of toxic substances in the three species to consider the removal of toxic substances. Call for Prime Minister Take responsibility The public has been hit by the three toxic chemicals that have been fighting for more than three years. On Wednesday, the Commission on Pesticide Use This will be discussed at the prime minister's office.

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