I was shocked by the shock of my father. I'm going to go alone.

Win a motorcycle The story behind the birth of my father. View profile The only one going to Mia. Still paying while the police suspect they are drunk. Dust abuse detection …

When the morning of August 24, my father used a pot of scabbard to cut his neck. At Pattanakarn Road, Pravet, Prachinburi Province, the police station was investigated at the entrance to the gas station, led by Maj. It turned out that the boy died at the age of 5 by the body with blood. The neck was seriously injured 1, the wound was sharp to penetrate deep into the bronchi. I have been living for 2-3 hours and found a bottle of brown beer. The crust 1 piece of blood.

Another point opposite Soi Pattan 78 is about 50 meters on the sidewalk. Find a lot of blood. Black students in cartoons in succession write a pen with the wrong word "Whistler 3/1" on the rubbish dump together and found a bottle of empty beer and a bottle of broken beer. The staff kept it as proof. On the scene, Mr. Montree Saengya, 33, can control 44 Soi On Nut 66, junction 19-7, Prawet District, Bangkok, the father had terrible wounds. With the use of a bottle of beer he threw himself neck blood to the Sirindhorn Hospital.

Mr. Suriya Chansanan, 52, a motorcyclist number 39 Win On Nut 64 Suan Luang area, said the passenger is correct. And do not think this will happen. Yesterday evening around 22:00 Mr. Montri sees his son lying on his chest. I use the service from Soi On Nut 66 to Soi Pattan 78 that will come to me. We will always find a woman at the end of the stage. They think the phone. But watch out for that conversation alone. The children are sleeping. When I arrived at Pattanakarn 78, I refused to make it clear, so I turned around for about 1 hour before Mr. Montri hit the road. The rate is usually 50 baht, but because of the loop it is not a destination in the hour, so he asked to pay 100 baht, but Mr. Montri said no money. Open the shoulder bag inside. Just one meter Water level meter The card and driving license from Montri without money, so keep your ID card before you return a motorcycle.

This is a good business. In the course of the morning, Montri saw his son cross the street to the lawn. The father's body was full of blood. I think it's accident. If you look at both sides of the road, no car. So call the staff. Mr. Montri bleeds. Sit on grass And the son was lying next to each other. I know my father used a bottle of beer to throw his neck.

Mr. Montri has 3 children, 2 sons of 11 and 5 and 3-year-old daughter. The researcher then examines the house of Mr. Montri on Soi On Nut 66 with the mother of the child. And family members to testify. Mr. Montri has symptoms similar to those of the drug, so Sirindhorn Hospital detects addictive alcohol use in the body.

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