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On 20 August, General Pravit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister And the Minister of Defense, together with the team, inspected the government and gave policy to work with various government agencies. In the Upper South at Chumphon City Hall.

Lieutenant General Boonchai Tantivanich, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense, said the total area of ​​the southern region. Limits to neighboring countries There are risks & # 39; s and uncertainty for security. Both drug problems and influencers. Weapons, war and illegal trade Illegal immigration Trafficking Including illegal fishing and the destruction of natural resources. By Gen. Pravit Thanks and encouragement for all government officials. The effort to jointly stimulate reforms and lay the foundations of the country in accordance with past government policy.

Gene. Prachatip said that Gen. Pravit demanded the administration. Soldiers and police in all provinces Sticking to the monarchy. They have to listen to the public and work together to solve the most important security problems. Parallel to solving the problem of inequality in the area. Empirical results appear. It is believed by the people. In the safety of people's lives and property. At the same time, non-isolated people with a low income may be. Support the development of professional skills for farmers in the area to be sufficiently strong.

"Maj. Gen .. Prawit It's a policy The Upper South is a major transit route for medicines Let's continue with the crackdown on drug-related people, trafficking, gunmen and arms traders The violence in the area Impacted groups destroy natural resources And yet the movement of public interest, so that everyone can exercise their right and freedom of life, it is not necessary for government officials to engage in the exploitation and involvement of the public, "said the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense.

Lt. Col. Kong said that before the disaster in the area. Ask all government agencies. Adjust the disaster plan to meet the ongoing disaster. Respond and respond to disasters in a systematic and timely manner. To alleviate the damage in the area. The emphasis is on problem solving illegal fishing. Government policy is concrete. By contributing to understanding and listening to problems of fishermen. To tackle the problem of sustainable fishing together.

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