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Mrs. Sommai, 73, lives with her relatives. Asked for justice from the media. After his cousin is a neo-name (autopsy), 12 years old, who is autistic. I was the sister of Mrs. Kwan (nickname) 17 years old with a misty 22-year-old boy who is a boyfriend. I do not know what to do. And must be sent to the body. And he was admitted to the Hat Yai hospital. The incident took place on the evening of 20 August 2061 and former family members reported to the Sadao police, but they can not arrest both. And fear that the story will be quiet.

Mrs. Somkid, a grandmother, told me about it The afternoon of August 20, because it was established that the blood is in the house. The penis bleeds a lot. They called family members to help bring the hospital immediately, but after thorough physical examination of the body they found traces of rape. And to stay in the hospital. Then the family was asked to ask the sister again. But also adamant. Mrs. Sombat also said that in the afternoon of the following day, August 22, the friend and the misty boy grabbed his hand tied to the ring and took the ring. Do gold With 300 baht cash and another motorcycle I do not want to go back. Besides, family members travel with the police, who knows that now. Is busy examining the couple.

The family members also brought the story via Facebook to the post. The image of the two people involved in the case of the people in both the Sadao area and the adjacent areas to help with the police report to the police of Sadao or inform the family member. Tel. 095-2728685, 099. -0265669

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