I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

& # 39; Superspeed & # 39; indicates that 56.1 per cent of politicians want to know when 53.8 per cent want to know when the political needs to be unlocked, while 90.1 per cent say they want to see all parties help them choose.

On September 2, 61, Dr. Noppadon Kannik, Super Poller Research Office, the 1,129 people interviewed "What Thai people want to know". 1 – 1, 61 August. 56.1 percent wanted to know when to vote, 53.8 percent wanted to know when to unlock 51.4 percent. Who will be the prime minister 50.9 percent want to know the life of the people? 48.9 percent want to know what the people of millions of baht 43.7 percent want to know if the politicians are not good to be prickly or not. Who could arrange this? 41.6 percent want to know if burned houses need to be burned again or 40.3 percent want to know if the Thai population accepts the cheating people or not, 32.1 percent want to know that politicians will be better. And 11.2 percent said differently, like where does the country go? It will be better than some.

On the question of whether there were elections. Is it better or not? 44.9 percent said they would improve 18.7 percent, they did not think they would improve and 36.4 percent were not sure. From now on, 54.7 percent of the population is politically hot, 39.9 percent higher, and 5.4 percent say they do not.

Asked about the need for all parties to have peace elections. Proving to the whole world to praise Thailand is another story. 90.1 percent said they needed the most, while 9.9 percent said they needed it. Not necessary at all.

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