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The Phayao hospital after the patient had had a snake bite. "I'm sorry," he said. I do not think people will share. Message removed Pointers can be disputes in communication.

On August 22, 61 reporters reported. Facebook attacks Phayao Hospital on the case of posters. If the snake is bitten than the hospital.

Jiraporn Pattaranutaporn, director of the Phayao hospital The case would clarify the case of patients treated by snake bites. Last night And it was posted through the social network. Phayao Hospital has postponed treatment. The damage to the hospital. The hospital said that. In the case of treatment of such cases. The hospital has heard that there is a case from 18.00 hours ago. By the way, the rescue. Will travel to treat the patient. I was rejected by family members to travel to the treatment itself. But later, family members injured the treatment at 7 pm, the doctor was being treated by the hospital. The symptoms are assessed at each level. It only takes about 20 minutes, but family members have moved patients to another hospital. I do not want to be sent to the Phayao hospital. The hospital can not be denied. Therefore move the hospital to the wishes of family members. But later it was posted through the symposium. Phayao Hospital has postponed treatment. I would like to clarify that. Phayao Hospital has carried out the procedure. And no delay treatment as mentioned.

While Patravuti saved the relatives of the patients who brought the matter to the post, Facebook said it could be misleading about the communication process in the treatment. And angry at that moment. Why do doctors receive delayed treatment? And do not give information to relatives, but that. Post a comment on this post. From the posting of the message. I think it's private, but there are people who share and publish it. By the fact, while you are heading to it. Maybe with anger in the hospital. Do not give information about the treatment to family members. But then I removed the message. This can be a dispute in the communication.

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