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The Sri Lankan police ordered the eight Malaysian fishing boats from the government to arrest the disciplinary crimes. It was called to be paid. As the representative of the Malaysian prime minister pointed out, it must follow. A. M. Each of …

On 20 August 2061 in the meeting room of Watthanom Hall, Satun Province, Phatthana Rattanapichetchai, Satunpol., Supawat Thaprakul. Satun Police Department, Surakaew Pairoj, Deputy PM, Satun Police Department, Niphon Kongkwan, Muang District, Satun Meeting with Mr. Schuabahari, Member of the Board of Langkawi Malaysia. Mahathir Mohammad, Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mr Muhammad Afafan, Abu Bakar, Consul General of Malaysia, Songkhla, had secret meetings to avoid reporting to journalists. The reason for the meeting was thanks to Mr. Suwat Suwara, head of Baan Ban Kao, Moo 3, Tungyong Subdistrict, Muang District, Satun Province. Sat 8 Police station Satang used the long tail boat of villagers to check.

It has been reported that there are fishing boats from Malaysia. The fish caught in the net. At Sam Moo 3, Tungyong, Muang Satun, which lies in the waters of Thailand – Malaysia. From the vicinity of Koh Sam about 500-1000 meters. Upon arrival, fishing boats from Malaysia. his fish The officer was arrested. However, fishermen from Malaysia are reluctant to arrest. And Malaysian fishermen contacted the Langkawi water police. Malaysia Help the fisherman.

Then came the skirmish. This is why the Malaysian Navy Finally, the Malaysian police officers arrested three police officers in the Satun police station, Salnachai Slidin, Pol. "We have a lot of fun," he said. Malaysian fishermen The Thai authorities arrested four people, namely, Mr. Hashab Bin Yakob, Mr. Malik Binad, Mr. Abdul Rahab Bin Oma and Mr. Mohammed Rafe Bin Yunus were all Langkawi. Ready to anchor fishing boat. The engine is attached to a blue rhododendron. The KHS4461 registration number was taken to the police station of Satun Province on 19 August 2018.

However, after the meeting. Gene. Supawat Thaprakul, Ph.D. I told the reporter. I have to prove to the Navy that the arrest. It is in Thai or Malaysian waters. If on the territory of Malaysia. Must leave the Malaysian. If he has to continue the law in Thai waters. The arrests of three police officers are the subject of ongoing persecution by Malaysia. But in his part he ordered the three police officers out of their position.

Including the police arrested 8 total to leave the government earlier. And set up a commission to investigate the facts Because of the arrest without authority. Moreover, the alleged crimes accused the Thai side of receiving money. I have to check the honesty of both parties.

For the police to leave the service and to set up an investigation committee consisting of Pol.Lt. Sompong Mee Chu. Secondary police (investigation). Police Department of Satun. Krispong Bua Ngam. Satun City Police Station, Sun Nutthi Police Department (Sat), Muang District, Satun Province. Satun Police Station, Uthanee Boonsiri, Rangsit Police Station, Satun Police Station, Don Muang District, Satun Province. The city of Satun, district of Prasert Mokkae, the leader of the city (Muang district). Satun, PhdD Phatchanan The municipality of Satun

In the order of 8 officials were accused. Catch the fishing boat in Malaysia. Discover how you can fish in the Thai waters. There is no use of firearms to fight. And from interviewing four fishing crews, the arrest warrant forced them to pay for the arrest of a hundred thousand ringgit, and then counted for 50,000 ringgit until the Malaysian police came to the rescue. And the police arrested three Thai people, who regarded the supervisor as a serious crime. Set up a research committee. And leave the government before the disciplinary investigation will be completed.

Shukabahari, a member of the Langkawi Islands Council, said he had come to Satun to talk about the matter. How to do it? But in the beginning I think that the law of every country is that.

Suwat Suwan, head of Baan Ban Kao Village, Moo 3, Tanjongpo said he had been ordered by his supervisor to step down as village chief. They have to go out. But it will be fair through the media. Because the villagers have suffered. The fishing boats from Malaysia invaded the waters to fish in Thailand. And destroy the fishing tackle with the villagers. The villagers have suffered from depression. I think it is not fair to be forced to resign. Complaints via the media.

More news reports this afternoon. Lt. Col. Ranasilp Phu Sub District Police Commissioner 9 went to a meeting with Gen. Supawat Thaprakul, Ph.D. And the police were at Ph.D. Satun involved to monitor the progress of the case.

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