I'm not sure if this is the case. Rape – friends

Monday, September 10, 2018, 19.52

The teacher reveals the minute that the criminals were strangled.
Rape – friends

I'm not sure if this is the case.

I'm not sure if this is the case. Home school Kantharak District Province Sisaket The villains invaded the lodge, hoping to be raped. The villains ran their front door into the bedroom. I have to fight the bad guy completely. And the villain used his hand to stab and poke three times in the stomach, then press the arm on the chest and use his mouth to try to rape. Miss Naree pretends to be dead, causing panic to escape. The last teacher at home sleep can not learn the students. Because of injuries to the villains. By the middle of the night of 8 September 61, according to the news is presented.

Progress on this at 5.00 pm on 10 September, 61 reporters. At home, nr. 70 Moo 2, Tambon Tam, Tambon Kantharak, Sisaket, where Miss. The school has three houses where three teachers live. Led by Mr. Suppak Nakhom, specialist teacher, together with Mr. Nirut Sawangsri, teacher in the specialist teacher and specialist, who knew about the incident with the teacher. I have been very active with the teacher. The teachers asked about the situation. How is that, the teachers of the teachers teacher have led the teacher to point to the point where the metal door handle went into the house. Teacher Naree told me that he heard the sound of the door knocker at the moment, so he crept into the bedroom window. That is next to the iron door. And see the famous villains. He wore a hat, wore a glove, walked under the bedroom window, the villain jumped into his front door. And the bedroom door jumped into the bedroom where they lay.

The teacher is a great warrior. Tell the minutes and show the visiting teachers. When the villain comes into the bedroom. The thieves rushed in and they fought with each other. They use their fingers to pull on both sides of the bad guy's collarbone. The bite of the bad guy. But he was hit by a villain, his neck closed, his nose fell on the bed. And the villains have put their fist on their stomach several times. Because they are weak. Fight for the villains for about 6 minutes until they see that. Can not fight with the villains. So I have to do that and pretend. then dead When the villains saw that. It is like going to death. The villain was startled and fled from home, then they took the phone. Enter the bathroom and lock the door of the bathroom. And to call his brother, whose house is opposite, to know the disaster. And let your friends be the staff in the hospital. To help urgently.

The reporter. At the same time, there are officials. The research team of the 3rd District Police, led by Nattawat Wattana, Associate Professor, Assoc.Prof. 3, came to examine the instructions of the villains. The house around the house. There are 4 CCTV cameras in the house. But from a thorough investigation, no idea of ​​the bad guys in any way. There was a trail around the house. Villagers climbed the house to the south side of the house. It is expected that people in the area. The information from the teacher at home is very good. Officials kept all indications to track down the gangster.

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