I'm not sure what to do. Fix traffic problems

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August 21, 2018


"Generally speaking," he said. NIA investigates criminal offense

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Pravit Vongsuwan. Discuss the Prime Minister's case. Order the relevant desk. Over the past three months, the National Legislative Assembly (NIA) has proposed to amend the traffic legislation to increase the penalty for offenders such as a driver's license. Do not take a license with you.

In addition, there are several issues that are being considered. As with the tramline, the boat is considered. This speeds up as quickly as possible. The Prime Minister has set a period of three months to improve. But that does not mean it has to be completed. I can not answer that. How long does it take to solve traffic problems that are tangible? The problem is not required to apply section 44, but can also be used for normal law.

Gene. Pravit refused to answer the question of the meeting. The cabinet in the South deals with politics. The election committee elects the constituency. considering

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