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Follow Press Conference After the Cambodian authorities sent a fat man or Mr. Panya to return to the persecution in Thailand, last night (Aug. 21) Completed in the case was a mastermind and joined the 6 people shot spies . Vimana Muangruak and Phos. Anantachai Jiratram died on July 29, 2561 in the parking lot opposite the Buddha statue Khao Chi Chan, After Jomtien, Sattahip, Chonburi from jealousy to the cause. Located at 29 g c. Past. And escape to Cambodia. I was arrested on August 15th.

I was taken to Thailand by helicopter. The condition is painful. On arrival the detainee was taken to a police club. Opposite the exit gate of Narcotics Suppression Bureau And will bring a press conference to the National Police on 22 August.

Immediately when the staff brought fat. Admiral Chakkrit Chaijinda, MD has been questioned. Includes firearm cause. The policemen brought along. First all details of the case. Then it will be used to make a confessional plan in the afternoon. Still the scene And brought to court.

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