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Gene. Anupong Pojinda, Minister of the Interior As director and secretary of the steering committee for the development of the country, according to the Thai project for sustainable development, the Ministry and various agencies The project carries out sustainable Thai projects. 8 thousand villages across the country. Including recently in Bangkok. As a director of Bangkok, Thailand (BMA), the Bangkok Life Assurance project has been dedicated to cover all areas: on 15 September in Bangkok Thonburi, Thawi Watthana, BANGKOK LAUNCHES "JAPANESE ADVANTAGES TO THE COMMUNITY"
For example, screening, diagnosis, oral care, eye examinations, hearing aids and hearing aids for the elderly. Screening of cancer of women Vaccination against influenza See psychiatrists relaxed state 1555 get complaints. Short career training Free hairstyles The distribution of good community and low-cost products from the manufacturer. People can get free service. No costs. They also perform on stage during the whole show.

Gen Anupong further said that the implementation of Thailand's sustainable development projects. It is a government policy. The majority of people like it. The committee has come to listen to the needs of the people. The program is designed to meet the needs of people living in the area in a truly participatory way, leading to a sustainable quality of life.

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