I'm sorry to have to say this. The mother is very difficult to please. Do not remove the ventilator.

Parents look worried at the baby. I can not breathe. Do not remove the ventilator. Do not mediate I do not know what to do. The police are being persecuted until the end …

On August 20, 61, in the hospital of Phahon Phol Pho Phayud, Muang District, Kanchanaburi, Mrs. Sukanya Tongwan, 33, and Mr. Wattana Srisawat, 36, mother and father, and relatives of the nuns. At the age of 9, or novices, Dew continued to monitor the novice son for the ICU. With concern

Dr. Sukanya has recently revealed that the doctor told the starting son Dew that the pressure has decreased. Always use a fan. But they hope for miracles. Helped me revive. Although he was revived, he is paralyzed and paralyzed not long after. However, they did not decide to remove the fan. I can not help it. To do this, the case of the release of police duties against the perpetrator, the former Luangta Supachai. I admit that I am a person who has to hurt their children. This is the best time for your baby to be with us.

"The family is poor." As a novice, Dew, his son, volunteered to be ordained in the summer, to make the family more comfortable, but do not think the event will be like that, they're trying to nurture. story happens very suddenly.It is not possible that children will not be with us for a lifetime, because for beginners, the son has the habit of mischievous children, they have communicated.I have been in the past for a long time.Time Luang Ta Supachai It is often punished by saving, there are a number of wounds, but in times that are considered too severe, they will make the best of it, "said the mother of the novice.

Wattana, the father of the novice Dew revealed that he and the mother of the novice Dew separately for more than a year and have two sons, novices, Dew and novices 5 years old before the children will be ordained. I never knew it before. When I heard the news, I felt sorry. And not for the starting son Dew was like that. But it can not be solved and then admitted that they do not have time to take care of children. But they came to the children when there was free time. I will be punished myself. Because the parents were separated. This may be the cause.

I will not resign. Former Luang Ta Supachai What if? Former Luang Ta Supachai Can not take care of their children, it should tell them. This is not the case. When visiting his beginning dew, his son is often found depressed. And I always want to go home. What is your question? That is the answer. Luang Ta Supachai had been hit. But I think that's normal. If the child is wrong, it must be punished. That is normal.

The father of the novice Dew said that the person would not decide to remove the fan. I do not know. Wait a second. If not, really. Finally, I should agree with that. If you continue using it, this time it may not be useful for children, Luang Ta Supachai. I do not know what to do. I will kill each other, even if their children are only children. If there is a mediation. I will not give up. However, they must go to the police to ask for action. And ask for justice for their families. By asking Luangta Supachai This is the karmic he has made this time.

The police said the police were investigating allegations of mistreatment of others. This is why it is dangerous. This will collect evidence. Diagnostic compositions of doctors Further allegations against the perpetrator.

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