Interview with & # 39; wild boar & # 39; Approved by the procedure.

The media candid media outside the interview "swine team" agreed to the procedure. Psychological screening questions do not affect the children. If it is not found, stop immediately, no deception is used to continue in Thailand.

On August 23, reporters reported that James Longman, a correspondent for ABC News in the United States. As an interviewer, 13 Wild Boar Academy Tweet via Twitter And post an interview. Add the message. "It is an honor and a privilege to talk to the brave Thai football team and their coaches, from the amazing rescue operation."

In addition, ABC NEWS also published a photo interview with youth and wild boar coaches. "Interviews coordinated by the Thai government But there are conditions The questionnaire has to be validated by a child psychologist and other specialists It is about the welfare of all 13 people."

This is why the foreign media in Thailand. Criticism of the case. Because no prior notice. The media asked permission to interview. The documents of Chiang Rai came out on August 21, 61, to request the consent of young people and coaches of the wild boar club, Chiang Rai 13 people to meet the media. Forward to Thailand Chiang Rai on August 22 at 16:00 by car from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. Will be sent The document. Signed Deputy Governor (Acting Representative) Chiang Rai Governor

Gene. Somsak Kaewdee, spokesperson for the prime minister's office, said the news agency ABC News has submitted a request to interview the swimming team through the prime minister's secretariat. But if it is foreign media. Associated with General Weaner Sukun, deputy counselor of the prime minister's office as caretaker, the news agency addressed the letter to the governor of Chiang Rai. He said he did not approve of it. So I wrote a letter to the committee. And the relevant authorities as the approver. The board The question of the interview will be approved.

Gene. Weiran Sukorn, deputy spokesperson for the prime minister's office, clarified that ABC News made a written request for interviews with 13 wild boar clubs. Come to the Ministry of Culture. The committee, Mr Veera Rojjanarut, Minister of Culture, chaired the Creative Media Committee of the Royal Caves. Consider this. At this moment, foreign media are in constant contact. If there are many requests, this can not be considered. Because children must study, the Ministry of Culture. Consider a step The goal What kind of media? What kind of news, interviews and interviews do you have in mind? Or does this affect the image of the 13 Wild Boar Academy?

Meanwhile, the image of Thailand. They must be under control. I want to see that. The question that foreign media have asked is appropriate? Interviews with psychologists. If the question is not right, stop immediately. ABC News is the first news agency. Make a request And to interview. There are now foreign media waiting to stand in line, is NBC NEWS and CNN, with which Thai media can take the steps. We are not blocking

Asked about the case. As an interview in the show for Thailand, General Weaner said that the document was misunderstood. Because the government has coordinated. I have no cheaters for Thailand.

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