It's all about the gangs. The fight was handled decisively.

It's all gangs / At 11.00 on August 28 atSection 6 Police investigation (6) Phitsanulok City, Pol.Gen. Tawichart Paksasak, Plc. 6, with Major General Jiravat Tippayan, in. the. Wanchai Suwannasiri, deputy permanent secretary, 6, Major General Pananu Bussiri, Ph. 6, Major General Thaworn Saengrit, Ph.D. And Major General Jatupong Phakphu Foo, Md. Joint press release about drug traffickers There are 14 gangsters, 14 motorcycles, 5 motorcycles, 77.5 million baht, 328,900 tablets of ice, 80 grams of ice worth more than 60 million baht. Baht 137.5 million

MP 6 reports the release of drug cases

The police investigated the circumstances of drug traffickers in the area. It is traded via social media. The division of tasks, such as the chief commander who escaped outside the country. The group that communicates via Facebook invites interested parties to participate in the drug trade. The identity card must be given as proof. If there is a deformity or does not send money to the network, it is traced to hurt the body and then take clips on the social media.

Arrested guns and drugs while 14 suspects were arrested.

With the gang it all grew quickly. And spread across the provinces across the country poses a serious threat to the country. This gang will bring money to the drug through the big drug gang. In different ways Doing business The store sells car parts, tires, wheels, wheels, cars, cars, land and properties such as gold, diamonds through the glass, lots of gold rings.

Central car

In the case of Phitsanulok, the police investigated the junta's search for illegal objects. It is linked to every gang. At Mag Tung Wa, Tambon Tha Thong, Muang, Phitsanulok and Magyang Indochina, Sattahip, Muang, Phitsanulok. First, find nothing illegal. But there is an order for Phitsanulok. On charges of fraud and money laundering

Cars & # 39; s and motorcycles that are confiscated by large drug networks.

So the bankers stopped the banking book. Book expensive receipts and luxury cars to check the financial route. Whether or not involved in the network of Mr. Rungroj. interim government of Haiti Species Company owner Rungroj Siam Tire Co., Ltd., a police force that suppressed suicide Chaiyaphum Pirae attacked the arrest on August 27th. At Krathumbaen, Samut Sakhon

The police are investigating the state of the central drug that has been confiscated by the gang.

The police said that for the investigation into the drug gang network. At the same time, the search function in the area of ​​Phitsanulok 6, Phitsanulok, is 23 points. From the preliminary interview. Also sought in the area of ​​Phichit 19 goals, Nakhon Sawan 5 goals, Sukhothai 4 goals, Kamphaeng Phet 2 goals, Uttaradit 2 goals and Phetchabun 1 goal.

The middle of the detachment.

Major General Tawichai said that Mr. Panvich Pratum, a bunch of Kaan and all Mr. Maroon Mintrin, a banana is the key. It is a gang leader. The order is on the Myanmar side. If someone thinks wrong, I want to repent. Request information from the police. And will be a witness. If the fight must be strictly conducted. Root eradication.

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