Keeping the Ksh, unlocking 6 political issues creates an atmosphere of election?

Today (August 28) is expected to "Vissee Krung Ngam" deputy prime minister. As legal hands are presented to the government and the national peace corps. To have the political will to release 6 political allegations to prepare for elections in the following year.

Although many people in the government. "Prime Minister Prayut Chunyakha," the prime minister and head of the National Assembly, will hold the elections in early 2019, but the cloud of uncertainty will still be dealt with. That is not only because the past has been postponed. But because the political climate is still unfavorable as a result of the political party is still bound by the laws and orders of both the KBC and the highest administrative court and the highest law.

The way to the elections will come any moment, because there is still only the process of adopting the Organic Law on the takeover. And the Constitutional Law on the election of MPs. While the Organic Law on the Electoral Commission and the Constitutional Law on political parties has been previously announced and entered into force. But it seems that the two laws used have the same effect as not yet used. Because political parties and the electoral commission can not do many things that the law can do. But the command "restraint" of the Ksh.

Most political parties have been banned from taking political activities, such as "political" or "administrative", who have to hurry to find more members after being ordered by the head of KBC. As a result, the party recaptured. If you do not vote pricarine with both the NIA, the Chancellor has confirmed that this is a political reform. How can it be done? If the party does not have the right not to send the candidate.

I have to talk about moving the party to the policy to select a new executive committee. After having been frozen for 4 years, it is a big house to do in a limited time. I want to unlock the lock.

The Ksh is like awakening. But for some reason there are many explanations. But they are considering to unlock 6 items.

The first is that the political parties meet to receive more members. If you let go like that, political parties do not expand. After 53/2560 there were only two parties with more than a thousand members. The Democratic Party has 80,000 people, the second is Thailand with 10,000.

The other party is in the thousands when it's a party. The little party is there in the hundreds. I still have to talk about the new party that is not open to the party, but only the co-op.

If in the past figures of party membership have changed in favor of the minimum number of political parties and the change of party sponsorship. But with the new rules are more valuable. Because the number of members is necessary to send members to the election.

Because the constitution. To send candidates to do. "The primary election to find a candidate for MP is", or simply "fine voice".

And the condition of Prikari's voice was tied to party members. In Thailand there are 77 provinces (including Bangkok). If every province needs 100 people, there must be at least 7,700 members. Currently only two parties exceed the minimum.

If you are really deep inside, you may have problems with 100 members in some provinces, such as the Democrat in some northeastern provinces. And to Thailand in some areas south. The time has come to find and it seems the problem of the smaller party and the new party than the big party.

The second story to unlock is a story. divided electorate But now that the electoral law has not come true, they still can not distribute the electorate. Some parties prefer to design a space to determine the benefit of the vote. This is why they are preparing to unlock the electoral division.

The third problem is that the political party can continue with primate marriages. After opening up, political parties can find members. The next step is to have Primer vote. If you are locked in the political prohibition. Or do not do political activities. They can not cast a Primar vote. This is the source of the unlock. Moreover, the special consideration. The Prairie voting process was originally planned for the provincial level. It is a good idea to take a look at what is going on. Because the big party can adapt. If the new party The small party will struggle to find the number of members. Must see how the Primera style changes. To meet a few political parties?

If they change, they also have to answer the question why they are adjusting. And in the beginning people protested about the inadequacy of the system. But they are still trying to get a quote on how political reforms will be used.

Part 4, to set up a committee to recruit candidates. This is fine for the members of parliament who will be the key to the upcoming elections.

No. 5 Coordinate with members. The implication is also to cast a Primar vote.

And those 6, "Wissanu Krung" claim not to remember. But he insisted that it was not a campaign.

So if you look at the six numbers, you see that as the most important thing. There are two main goals: One thing about making a great marathon. And the second, the election division. But the big question is whether this disclosure will bring the country into the real elections. And the political party was removed.

The answer is not to vote at first sight, and the constituency is one of the election processes. But political parties are shifting to create public participation and the party is not allowed. Political parties can not act "politically". Other political interactions, in addition to finding a candidate. These are formalities such as finding candidates or boxes. The issue of creating a "free" and "fair" political climate is one of the factors leading to real elections.
It looks like a campaign. Policy presentation Or regular political movement. It is linked to security. They do not dare to release others. The Conjuring "Democracy" that if the political shift or the atmosphere of democracy are unsettled in the country.

Unlocking If you start with the intention of a democratic atmosphere, making the choice will not be difficult. But if there is a hidden agenda to unlock the story, it will be chaotic and a new problem that stuck like it used to be.

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