Lawyer to raise minimum age for marriage 18 years

Ng! The children go out to marry three thousand a year, inequality, gender-poor.

On Aug. 20 in The Twin Towers Hotel Department of Child and Youth Affairs, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MNRE) & # 39; Marriage between elderly and children & # 39 ;, which led to the case of a 41-year-old Malaysian man who was married as a case study with a Thai girl of 11 years old. Mr. Sappasit Literature Vocabulary National Child Welfare Commissioner said that almost every country in the world has a minimum age for a marriage of 18 years, only a few countries, including Thailand, who are 17 years old. About the child is proposed to adjust the minimum age of marriage is 18 years, including proposed to amend the provisions of Penal Code Paragraph 277 to cut The High Court is competent to identify youth and families. The marriage of both parties in the event of a small conspiracy and the agreement of both parties. Marriage is not a solution. This will add more problems. If we do not adjust. Thailand focuses on black sheep in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

Like Miss Aus Sri According to the Women & # 39; s Foundation, the Office of the Basic Education Commission (NRCT) reported that the number of students in the year 2006-2016 decreased to 32,058, an average of 3,000 per year. Primary school pupils are younger than 12 years up to 1,640 people, 19,043 people at the beginning and 11,375 at the end. Unequal sex Including poverty. When a child is sexually abused, the problem is solved by the perpetrator responsible for the marriage to maintain the family. It does not solve the problem that really makes use of children. But it violates the rights of children.

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