Lieutenant Air Force I love you.

Air Force Lieutenant Thanks.

Odometer Outstanding 140 – On September 3, reporters. Lt. Warapat Sukpasawat, Samrokh, research. On September 2, 2061, the car crashed on the right side of the road and was injured at Pathum Thani Road – Bang Pahan. (Highway 347) on the way to Pathum Thani. Group 3 Expressway, Chiang Rak Yai, Samkhok, Patumthani, went to the stage with the staff of the Porcupine Foundation.

Find a car Toyota Camry Registration No. 2305 Bangkok. The tree grooves in the middle of the road roll over the wheel.

The injured staff of the Porcelain Foundation sent to the hospital Krungthep, St. Carlos. Knowing the name of Air Force Lieutenant Prasert Kromadit, 63 years old, checked in the car, found the military uniform and the clothes hang, and when mileage stood the car at 140. Km per hour

As for the people around the scene, they say that while they are sleeping, they hear something like a car accident. When I ran to see that the car was in the middle of the car at the end of the skywalk and someone in the car was getting out of the car like a man.

Odometer Outstanding 140

After the investigation at the scene of the accident, and then registered as proof, and asked for a lift to pick up the car from the scene. You will be notified to check the damage again.

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