Local politicians The Barak camp Killing Killing – Trang Machinery

Progress in the killings – arsonists of Trang contractors. Last Police – MILITARY PRESIDENT USE 44 MUNICIPALITIES. Confirmed suspicious group Local politicians And contractors Stress in the military camp Clutter lobbing, arson machine And the same company employees died …

At 5:00 on September 5, 61, in front of the Trang police station, police lieutenant colonel Thongsak Wattana As the president of the crime-fighting and influential groups in the province of Trang, with Major General Suanan Loysuk, deputy permanent secretary and maj. (Investigations) Sondhi is in collaboration with the Trang Police Department, Trang Police Department, Detective Police Department. 43th Army Field Regiment, Thepsatri Srisunthorn Camp There are about 150 in the camp. In this mission, based on section 44, the attacker rages suspects. Aim 10 points in the area of ​​Muang District, Yat Yao and Huay Yod.

This operation Because of the villains that cause arson, heavy machinery, cars & breakers of the company, the company is at 120/6 Moo 6, Makham Tia, Muang, Surat Thani. The name of the owner of the contractor is Mr. Suwit Pakkasutthakosol, 60 years old, in the dead of night on August 14, 61, cause on the road Khok Shaeng – Koh Phut 5 Ban Kuan Nam. City of Trang for the house of Prime Minister NaNon Yards next 2 days, the villagers repeatedly shot at the cruel, innocent workers. The same company While working on the construction of Trang Road, about 1 km away from the burning car about 1 km in the morning at 08:00 on August 16, 61 ago without fearing the law.

From this operation, police officers divided into 10 units and searched the target area of ​​10 points.The main target is Mr. Insect Tamamang, 56 years old, is a member of Trang Province, Trang District 5, while sleeping. Stay at home number 75 Moo 5, Tambon Nalin, Muang Trang, which is the province of Trang, in the area of ​​the scene, so invited to testify in the military camp, Phraya Ratsadanupradit. Rua Huaiyot But both early morning at 7 am. She, along with 7 other people and large contractors in Trang. Local leaders of the PAO captain. Trang and many parties involved. The preliminary investigation showed that there is a connection between the conviction that the conflict is caused by the advantages of contractors in the province of Trang Khok Kha Saeng – Koh Pud. 5 Ban Kuan Nam Na. We intend to build three more projects before we decide to take the workers and bring the machines back. Because fear of uncertainty.

The reporter. The atmosphere for the military camp, Phraya Ratsadanupradit. The car came out this morning all the time. Prohibited external parties, including the mass media to settle, waiting for the news for the opposite road. The investigation separated the suspects from each other at different points. However, there are no reports or confirmations from senior police officers to the police. According to the rumors, online media come out earlier.

Colonel Peerapong Vallatit, 15, 4, 4, told on the phone that the police had requested a place to investigate suspects. The case is requested by the police. I would like this case to progress. Because of people's interest. But I do not want to put the work of all officials under pressure.

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