"Love must kill the thief & # 39; Do not you want to surrender!

What do you want to do today to return to the other boys?Mr. Panya is a celebrity or 'fat' & # 39; 39-year-old assassin who killed the legendary killer 2 and he died with Chee Chan on the day he had no more freedom.I do not know what you're talking about. After being detained by the Cambodian police, he was accused of fleeing the city. Then take the driver stalked by Miss Pravana Na Muang Rak or spy the love of the woman with Mr. Anantachai Jirat or Phos, who claims that fat. "Adultery with girlfriend" died in the parking lot. The opposite of the Buddha cut Khao Chi Chan, Sattahip, Chonburi. I'm not the only one. Rich Fools from Baby Massage Own bar

The more you talk, the better. Give that information. The cause that followed the murders. I know that the two have died in adultery adultery. And confirmed that it was my relationship. It is not a relationship, a friend or a brother and sister. Because the past has observed the behavior during the course. View user profile Send private message Make sure everything is taken care of. Although there are some causes for injury. But that's all because of love. And kills for a long time because of the tribulation in the heart. The dead are betrayed. There were 10 people involved in the murder process.

"After the incident, I escaped and escaped as far as possible." Khmer people are led Leave the border of Aranyaprajan Before you try to escape the border crossing to Vietnam But the Cambodian police have been arrested. getaway I do not think I will surrender, and believe me, get out of the police, while living in Khmer, not comfortable in life, but life is not difficult, because of the people in Surin, and the Khmer language is daily life. & # 39;

The reporter. Thai police have good relations with the Cambodian government. The consultation will be carried out prior to the search for the arrest. Before fatigue will escape to the border over Vietnam. The process to bring back the accused in Thailand. Wait until the signing authority confirms this. Before he leaves the Aranyaprathet to return to Sa Kaeo, Thailand, while he is being held. I do not know how to do it. And the information is useful for the authorities, which can not be disclosed to the suspect, two deadly escape.The court was sentenced to six months in prison without conditional release, according to the news previously suggested.

*** Although the officers have been arrested. Can the whole process be stopped. But society also set the flag. I have a question that I want to solve a mystery. What exactly? Is the main cause Make fat "I have to kill two cruel lives" …. because I love it. It is just a matter of time.

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