Luangphan Tee Grab the wood – get out! Quote from the ancestors

I have a friend who was born in Thailand. Call for war against the ancestors. I use bamboo slashes. Do not think that the symptoms are heavy. I do not know what to do, but I do not know how to do it. This is a serious novice. On the morning of August 19 the police department of the police station (police), Thaksin children in Kanchanaburi go to Wat Don Khamin, For further proof, the novice Wattanapol Srisawat, 9 years old, was on 47/12 Moo 4, Tha Maka, Tha Maka, where he was ordained in Wat Don Kamin. The result of the night on August 18 around 21.30. The diagnosis of the doctor. Phaphon Phobudhep Amphoe Mueang Kanchanaburi

Lt. Gene. Powder revealed that. The last night, the researcher was informed by the staff of Don Koi. There was a novice priest in the temple was attacked, unconscious was sent to the hospital before it was sent to the hospital. Phaholyothin Hospital After the accident, the scene. And examine the different witnesses. The novice Wattanapol, who suffered from unconsciousness. There are different lesions on the body. The results of the doctor's examination found a bruise, chin, headache, swelling, swelling, arthritis, arms and wrists, right wrist fracture, two types of seizures.

The suspect was a monk named Luang Tae Supachai Suttiyan 64. I do not know why, but I do not know what to say. Luang Ta Supachai admits that he has attacked the novice. I'm not sure if this is the case. During the evening prayer Beginner Beginner The younger brother who came to the priesthood at the same time when he was ordained on the 2nd of April in the summer. Call to war But the novices return to the ancestors. Use a bamboo attack I do not think that will be heavy. And the bad thing is to contact the foundation of the temple to send to the hospital

. After questioning the researcher, the lord of Luang Ta Supachai to the abbot of Wat Tha Kha. The baptism of the prelate brought back the charge of the physical attack, causing another person to be seriously wounded and waiting for the documents of the wounded doctor.

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